Tim Cook shows off latest Surfer’s Journal Cover Photo Shot on iPhone

Tim Cook shows off latest Surfer's Journal Cover Photo Shot on iPhone
Tim Cook shows off latest Surfer's Journal Cover Photo Shot on iPhone

Apple CEO Tim Cook took to Twitter this weekend to Flaunt the cover of This November/December issue of Surfer’s Journal. The cover, which depicts a surfer in stunning blue water, is the most recent magazine cover to have been taken on iPhone.

According to Stab Magazine, the cover has been taken entirely within an iPhone by photographer Zak Noyle. The picture shows Mikey Wright”mid-flight and suspended at a constellation of glistening overseas plumage and bright blue skies.”

Surfer Journal‘s art manager Jim Newitt clarified that something that they search for in deciding on a cover picture is using a universal image which speaks to everybody. 1 thing we are personally interested about, however, is that iPhone was used to take this cover picture.

“You are always searching for those universal pictures; which talk to everybody. These are the top ones. Something undeniable. In some ways we are blessed, due to our publishing cycle [bi-monthly, functioning out 2 issues], we simply can’t be timely. That liberates us from needing to use the newest greatest shot

Besides front cover of the Surfer’s Journal, the rear cover was also taken with an iPhone. This one was shot by DJ Marshall in Barry McGee’s solo series at Santa Barbara and portrays a heap of surfboards.

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On Twitter, Tim Cook Praised the cover picture shot, stating Noyle “captures the artistry and the athleticism of browsing. Makes us wish to grab a tide of their own!”

This is certainly is not the very first magazine cover to have been taken on iPhone. This past year, Time Magazine only utilized iPhone to take photos for the September issue. Condé Nast utilized an iPhone 7 Plus because of the April 2017 problem.

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