Should you wait for iPhone 9/iPhone SE 2?

By Gustavo

After 2016, it happening for the first that Apple is going to introduce a new iPhone within six months. No, iPhone 12 is scheduled for this fall but we are talking about iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2. It’s been more than a year since people are waiting for the update of iPhone SE. There is a set of people who are waiting for an iPhone with a budget-friendly price, a smaller screen, and the latest ingredient inside the design. But does iPhone SE 2 worth waiting? Should you but another iPhone that is in the market or wait for iPhone 9 that is reportedly launching on March 31, 2021?

Why should you wait for iPhone 9/iPhone SE 2?

If you aren’t aware of the rumors and speculation about this mid-range smartphone from Apple, then let us tell you that there are maximum possibilities of this device to be launched next month. Well-known industry analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo and J.P. Morgan have predicted that a low-cost iPhone is just around the corner. So before you embark on a mission to find the iPhone that you should buy today we suggest you wait till March 31, as you can see what Apple has got for you in the new device. Maybe it could be your next iPhone.

What are the features of the iPhone 9?

The re-entry of Apple in the mid-range smartphone market could be good for the business and the customers as well. People who are desperately waiting to own an iPhone but budget is an issue then iPhone SE 2 is the gem for them. iPhone SE 2 is expected to have a 4.7-inch LCD, the body derived from iPhone 8, and yes, it will have Home Button with Touch ID. After 2017, this would be the first iPhone to feature Touch ID instead of Face ID. Face ID may add cost to the price and Apple wants to keep the minimum cost of the device.

It is also being said that iPhone 9 will have the latest A13 Bionic chip that is rendering power to all iPhone 11 series devices. So the latest processor will ensure that you get the latest iOS update for many years. The price of the iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 is expected to start at $399 and it will have a single camera at the back. If these features and things about iPhone 9 are exciting for you then it is really worth waiting.

Currently available iPhone – Alternative to iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2

Currently, there are three iPhones in the market that could be the best alternative to the iPhone 9. The first one is the iPhone 8 which costs around $449. iPhone 9 would have an identical body of iPhone 8 so if you are ready to settle for an old ingredient with a similar price then this device could be the best. The next one is the iPhone XR. XR is the cheapest latest iPhone available in the market as it costs around $599, which is 200 dollars more than the expected price of the iPhone 9. And, the last one is the iPhone 11 ($699). We cannot say it is an alternative to iPhone SE 2 in terms of price as there is a huge difference but if you are looking for some latest specs and the dual camera then this could be the best iPhone you can own this year.


If you are waiting for iPhone 9 or iPhone SE 2 only because the price is the main factor you are considering then we would suggest waiting till the next month. If you are ready to spend some extra dollars then you can go for these substitutes of iPhone 9.  

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