Should I Wait For iPhone 13 or Buy iPhone 12


These days, I have seen many Apple fans are asking, ‘should I wait for iPhone 13 or buy iPhone 12.’ I would say, of course, wait for iPhone 13. But why? To give you the reasons to wait for iPhone 13, we are here.

There is no doubt that iPhone 12 series landed with the best 5-nanometer processor called A14 and come equipped with 5G. And the iOS 14 added more charm to the device. Here are some reasons why you should wait for the iPhone 13 instead of buying the iPhone 12.

13 Reasons Why You Should Wait For iPhone 13?

  1. We can expect the long-awaited always-on display feature on iPhone 13, just like Samsung’s premium devices.
  2. iPhone 2021 could feature an LTPO display.
  3. We could also see iPhone 13 to support a 120Hz high refresh rate for the best experience.
  4. iPhone 13 could have a better back panel with soft to touch matte finish to hold the device more comfortably.
  5. We will see the new astrophotography mode like Pixel phones.
  6. We could also get a portrait mode video recording feature on the newer iPhone 13.
  7. We will see an improved magnet for the Magsafe connector.
  8. We may also get Touch ID on display.
  9. Improved camera with an optimized ultra-wide-angle camera. Offering an aperture of ƒ1.8 instead of ƒ2.4, which means more light will fall on the sensor.
  10. Jon Prosser suggested that no iPhone will get USB-C as every iPhone will be wireless.
  11. We can expect the smaller notch with less height.
  12. More models will get 5G mmWave support in 2021.
  13. From iPhone 13, Apple will start the 1TB models.

These were major 13 reasons to wait for the next iPhone. Additionally, you will be blessed with the iOS 15 with the better upgrade and new features. But the sad part is you will have to wait for a few months as Apple will release iPhone 13 in September 2021.

Got the answer of Should I Wait For iPhone 13 or Buy iPhone 12?

Are you happy with the above iPhone 13 features? What you still miss on iPhone 13 and want to see on it? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comment box.

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