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Is Pushbullet Available for iOS 15?

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Since I started working from home due to the pandemic, I learned a lot about syncing phones and computers.  I love to use my computer as the one device to get my iPhone and iPad notification on my computer.  To sync all the devices and make them feel like the one, Pushbullet is the best app.  But the real question is, does Pushbullet work on iOS?

What is Pushbullet?

Pushbullet is the best app to connect devices and make them feel like one.  Once you have connected all the devices, it allows users to send and receive messages on the computer.  You can get every app notification on your PC from your phone.  Another useful feature that everyone like is that you can move pictures and share files between your devices.  The app also has an entertainment section to get free games from EA, Google acquisitions, etc.

Pushbullet included dozens of channels from the tech, gaming, indie games, business, comics, entertainment, and finance world to get every new update.  However, the big question is, can iOS users download Pushbullet.

Is Pushbullet available on iOS for iPhone?

A few years back, Pushbullet was available for iPhone, iPad and Mac users.  They worked hard to make some improvements.  Still, they couldn’t match customer satisfaction, and the apps have been removed from the App Store.

Pushbullet Alternative for iOS?

Even though Pushbullet is not available for iOS, many Pushbullet alternatives for iOS are available; an unofficial app called PushPal – PushBullet from Gabriel Arjones is available on the App Store.  There are other alternatives to PushBullet available for iOS devices; such are AirDroid, Snapdrop, and Pushover.  Currently, the Pushbullet iOS app is not available to download; you can go with other above alternatives to sync and get PushBullet to feel between your devices.

If you know any other apps like Pushbullet for iOS, which works great in 2022, kindly share with us through the comment box.  Stay tuned for more news and update.

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