OWC offers 64GB RAM enhance kit for 21.5-inch iMac models

OWC offers 64GB RAM enhance kit for 21.5-inch iMac models

In case you’ve got a recent version 21.5-inch iMac and are seeking to improve its functionality, OWC now supplies a 64GB RAM update kit. The kit can be used with 2017 and later versions of this smaller iMac, such as the Retina 4K screen version…

This permits 21.5-inch iMac owners to max out their own machines.

Continuing in the tradition of being to certify and provide DIY update alternatives for Mac owners, OWC is very happy to supply these high-performing memory kits for their clients which makes it feasible to max-out upgradeable memory slots, enabling owners to improve performance levels to conduct more programs, work with bigger documents, speed up render times, and control bigger data collections.

As you’d expect, the 64GB RAM upgrade kit is not cheap, at $899 for your comprehensive kit (with tools contained ) or $895 for your RAM on its own — but it reflects a 36% savings over Apple’s very own pricing. OWC will even let you trade in your older RAM to more boost savings. If you are upgrading from 32GB, you are going to receive $180 back, and you’ve got 60 days to trade from the RAM to get your rebate check.

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If you are upgrading from 8GB or 16GB, a 32GB kit can be available for $288.88.

On the other hand, the organization does warning that DIY updates aren’t best for the faint-hearted, in spite of all the assistance of a movie (under ).

Professional Setup Highly Suggested. While this update kit itself shouldn’t void your guarantee, the setup procedure is quite intricate and thus it’s advised to be carried out by a trained practitioner.

The most recent Mac mini also drops to the non-trivial class where RAM updates are involved, but we discovered it had been do-able with just a little patience and know-how. A 64GB RAM update is among those choices here also — check out our how-to manual .

In the end, in case you’ve got the 2017 5K iMac and are seeking to update the RAM in this, you will be delighted to know that you is extremely easy .


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