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My Apple TV Remote Is Not Working: How to Fix It?

My Apple TV Remote Is Not Working

Electronic devices have transformed our lives but they have also complicated our lives in certain aspects. When it comes to operating your Apple TV using the remote, we have seen dozens report regarding Apple TV remove not working. 

 It is quite a common issue and not something you need to be worried about.

Given that multiple reasons could potentially contribute to the malfunctioning Apple TV remote, we’d recommend that you first identify the issue and then fix it according to the methods we have shared below.

How To Fix Apple TV Remote Is Not Working

1.      Inch a little closer

If you are noticing that the Apple TV’s remote isn’t responding to it, the first thing we’d recommend you do is inch a little closer to the television. The remote not working could be an issue with the connection range.

For example, the Siri Remote (2nd-generation) uses Bluetooth 5.0 and has a connection range of 40 meters. The previous generation remotes had a connection range of 10 meters only. So, if you aren’t in that particular coverage range, chances are that your remote won’t function.

So, move a little closer to the Apple TV and see if the remote works again or not. If it does, chances are that the issue was just a sign of a connection issue.

2.      Use a shielded HDMI cable

If you are using a poorly shielded HDMI cable, it can potentially interrupt the Wifi network or the Bluetooth connectivity range. Instead, what we’d recommend you do is look into switching to the shielded HDMI cables because those work quite effortlessly.

3.      Try out the Siri trick

Sometimes, you need to hammer things out for them to work again. If the Siri remote for your Apple TV isn’t working, what we’d suggest you do is use Siri itself to restore its functions.

For this, you need to long-press the Siri button on the remote. Once it’s activated, ask Siri a random question and then let go of the Siri button. This should make the remote responsive again.

4.      Charge the remote

We are often looking into the accessory issues that we don’t even check the charging status of the remote. If your Apple TV remote isn’t charged completely, chances are that it won’t do its job. In such cases, what we’d recommend you do is start by charging the remote first, especially when the battery is less than 20%.

You should be able to check the battery status of your Apple TV remote from the connected app on your iPhone or other connected Apple devices. Always ensure that you check the battery status before you recharge or change it.

5.      Restart the remote

Like the applications and the operating system, even the remote’s function could be an internal issue. If it’s not working, the first thing we’d recommend is checking the battery status of your remote. Once you have verified that the remote is fully charged, you need to follow the steps we have mentioned down below:

  • Press down on the Control Center/TV button along with the Volume button simultaneously for up to five seconds
  • Once the Apple TV’s light flashes, let go of the buttons and you should find the “Remote Connection Lost” pop-up message on the screen
  • Wait for 5-10 seconds until you see the “Remote Connection” option pops back in on the screen

Following these simple steps should fix the connectivity issues you are experiencing with the remote.

6.      Restart the Apple TV

Sometimes, the reason why your Apple TV remote isn’t working could be an issue with the television itself. If there is a software glitch in the TV, chances are that the device won’t respond to the TV inputs, including that of the remote.

What you can do in that case is unplug the Apple TV from the power outlet and wait for 5-10 seconds before you plug it back into the outlet.

7.      Update the Apple TV

The last thing you need to look into for the connectivity problems is updating the Apple TV’s software to the latest version. Sometimes, a lack of updates leads to specific glitches on the TV, which is something that could be preventing your remote from working optimally.

Here’s how you can update:

  1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone
  2. Navigate to System and then to System Updates
  3. Go to Update Software option
  4. Wait to check if there are any new updates available or not and then press on Download and Install to finish the update.


These are some of the effective ways in which you can fix the issues of your Apple TV remote not working. Before you implement any of these fixes, what we’d recommend you do is find the cause of the issue first. Once you know what’s causing the issue, you should be able to fix the issue accordingly.

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