iPhone Alarm Not Going Off – Here’s How to Solve It

Devendra Chande

The alarm is one of the many features that iPhone users use all the time. However, sometimes iPhones can wake you up at the wrong time. This can really cause a lot of problems. You might miss an important meeting or even your train or plane.

If your iPhone alarm doesn’t go off, it’s best to look into the issue. That’s because it could lead to one more issue that you’ll want to take care of in the near future too.

Don’t worry if this actually occurred to you. Since a lot of iPhone users have had this problem, we tried to find as many solutions as we could to solve the problem of the iPhone alarm not going off.

Make Sure The iPhone Alarm Is Set to the Highest Possible Volume

If your alarm on the iPhone is not going off or you cannot hear it, this is a symptom of a problem. The most likely cause of this problem would be that your iPhone’s volume has been manually adjusted. The iPhone’s alarm volume is adjusted to match the device’s overall volume.

So, the alarm might not have gone off in the morning if you had lowered the volume of your device while watching a YouTube video last night.

Check Time

If you set a single alarm instead of repeating one by mistake, your iPhone might not have gone off. And it’s obvious that it wouldn’t go off in the morning if you forgot to set it the night before. So, make sure you set it up right. Check the time of day or morning and the option to repeat.

Disconnect Headphones

When you set an alarm on your iPhone and attach wired headphones, wireless earpieces, or speakers to it, the sound of the alarm will come from whichever device you are using. If you are unable to hear the alarm when they are linked together, disconnect these devices and make use of the iPhone speaker instead.

Avoid Using Several Alarms

This is something that frequently occurs in my life. When I need to get up extra early, I’ll set many alarms, each with a different time. Due to snooze or anything else, if one alarm interferes with another, the iPhone alarm will not go off. If you don’t get up with the first alarm, there are chances that you will not hear another alert at all.

So, either you have to change the snooze time or set multiple alarms in a manner that they don’t conflict with one another.

Get the Newest iOS version

Old versions of iOS or apps can sometimes make things not work correctly. If there is a bug, this could happen. In these situations, it’s important to make sure your iPhone is running the most recent version of iOS. This could solve a lot of problems, including the iPhone alarm not going off.

Final Words: Get the Third-Party Alarm App

Most likely, your iPhone alarm isn’t working right because of software, not because of buttons or other physical parts. This means that something is getting in the way of the alarm, and you need to find out what it is so you can fix it. However, if you think there is an issue due to physical damage, you can contact the Apple service centre.

If you can’t figure out where the problem is, you can always download a third-party alarm to help you wake up on time while you keep looking for a solution. Even though this happens often, there are ways to get around the problem while you wait for Apple to fix it permanently.

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