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iPhone 13 Leak: Always On Display and more

While we are early into 2021 enjoying the new iPhone 12, we are being greeted by some promising leaks and exciting reports for the next generation of iPhone that is the iPhone 13. The information that has recently popped up from various channels and sources giving us an insight as to what we can expect from Apple this year. Like every year most leaks and speculated information that pops up, these may or may not end up in the final product, so take this with a pinch of salt.

The latest ‘exclusive’ information about the new yet to be launched iPhone13, has been shared by a popular YouTuber Max Weinbach via EverythingApplePro YouTube channel which is known for its fairly accurate leaks around Apple products. According to his leaks, in terms of design the new iPhone 13 Pro models are going to retain most of the design elements with a more refined matte finish at the back from the iPhone 12 series, which could feel soft just like the Google Pixel.

The leaks also state that the new iPhones are also expected to come with a new Always-On Display feature which would be similar to the Apple Watch Series 5 and 6. And it is expected to have very minimal customizations and in the lock screen the clock and battery status remaining will always be visible at all times. The incoming notifications will be displayed using only a bar and icons and only a small part of the screen would light up rather than the full display.

The ‘Always On display’ on the iPhone 13 Pro models are also rumoured to have improved, low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) OLED panels along with higher refresh rates of up to 120Hz and a new display technology that will work with the OLED panels which was expected to arrive with iPhone 12 series but due to some reasons did not happened.

One of the key advantage of an OLED panel over LCD is that these panels don’t have to display black. The pixels can be turned off, only to light certain parts or section of the screen. This in turn will lower the battery consumption which has allowed Always On Display to be a feature on certain Android smartphones and even the Apple Watch. However reports suggest that the iPhone 13’s Always On Display would not function like most Android devices with OLED panels.

Apparently the Always On Display for the next generation of the iPhones would only focus on displaying key information like the time or the battery status and notifications will be displayed temporarily and would light up just a small section of the display dimly without waking up the entire screen. In other words, there is not much scope for customization on these smartphones.

It is to be noted that Apple has not yet made any confirmations — neither around the iPhone 13 nor the Always On display. It is thus safe to consider the rumoured details with some lack of conviction. Some recent reports also suggested that Apple may call the new lineup iPhone 12S, instead of calling it iPhone 13.


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