What Are New iOS 18 AI Features?

Devendra Chande

Apple is gearing up to launch iOS 18, the next major update to its mobile operating system, later this year. While the official announcement is still months away, rumors and leaks have already started to paint a picture of what we can expect from this highly anticipated release.

One of the most exciting aspects of iOS 18 is the integration of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) features that promise to revolutionize the way we interact with our iPhones.

Apple’s New AI System: ReALM

At the heart of iOS 18’s AI capabilities is a new system called ReALM, which stands for Reference Resolution as Language Modeling. This cutting-edge technology aims to greatly improve Siri’s ability to understand context in conversations, process on-screen content, and detect background activities.

ReALM works by converting screen information to text at an on-device level, allowing Siri to comprehend and respond to user queries more accurately. For example, if you’re scrolling through a website and ask Siri to call a business, it will be able to identify the phone number on the screen and initiate the call without requiring you to tap on the number manually.

According to Apple’s research paper, ReALM substantially outperformed OpenAI’s GPT-4 model despite having fewer parameters. This breakthrough could potentially make Siri one of the most advanced virtual assistants on the market, addressing its long-standing weakness in contextual awareness.

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Enhanced Siri Capabilities

With the integration of ReALM, Siri is expected to become significantly smarter and more capable in iOS 18. The virtual assistant will be able to understand and respond to complex queries, provide more accurate results, and offer a more natural, conversational experience.

One of the key areas where Siri is likely to shine is in its ability to process on-screen information. Whether you’re browsing a website, reading an email, or looking at a photo, Siri will be able to understand the context and provide relevant actions or suggestions.

Moreover, Siri may also gain the ability to detect and respond to background activities, such as an alarm ringing or music playing. This could open up new possibilities for hands-free interaction and multitasking on your iPhone.

AI-Powered App Enhancements

In addition to the improvements in Siri, iOS 18 is rumored to bring AI-powered features to various native apps. For instance, Apple Music may introduce auto-generated playlists based on your listening preferences, while productivity apps like Pages and Keynote could offer AI-assisted writing and slide deck creation.

The integration of generative AI could also extend to other apps, such as Mail and Notes, enabling functions like automatic email summarization and text snippet translation. These features would greatly enhance productivity and save users valuable time in their daily tasks.

Exclusive AI Features for iPhone 16

While iOS 18 will be compatible with a wide range of iPhones, including models dating back to 2018, the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup is rumored to feature exclusive AI capabilities. Although details are scarce at the moment, these exclusive features could leverage the iPhone 16’s advanced hardware to deliver even more powerful and seamless AI experiences.

Privacy and Security Implications

As with any AI-driven technology, concerns about privacy and security are bound to arise. However, Apple has a strong track record of prioritizing user privacy and implementing robust security measures in its products.

With ReALM’s on-device processing and Apple’s commitment to keeping user data secure, iOS 18’s AI features are likely to be designed with privacy in mind. Nevertheless, it will be crucial for Apple to be transparent about how these features work and provide users with the necessary controls to manage their data.

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Final Words

iOS 18 promises to be a game-changer for iPhone users, with its powerful AI features and enhanced user experience. The integration of ReALM and the improvements in Siri’s contextual awareness and capabilities are set to redefine the way we interact with our devices.

Moreover, the AI-powered enhancements in native apps and the exclusive features for the iPhone 16 lineup will further showcase Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile computing.

As we eagerly await the official unveiling of iOS 18 at WWDC 2024, it’s clear that Apple is poised to deliver a truly remarkable update that will keep iPhones at the forefront of innovation and user satisfaction.

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