Apple May Integrate Google’s Gemini AI into iOS 18


There have been many rumors about Apple introducing new AI features integrated with iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 in June 2024. All incidents like Apple buying dozens of AI startups in the last few years have indicated that. However, the new reports state that Apple is likely to integrate Google’s Gemini AI into iPhones with iOS 18 update. Samsung’s AI features in Galaxy S24 might have moved Apple to this way.

What is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini is a suite of powerful AI models developed by the search giant to enable advanced features like natural language processing, image generation, and conversational AI.

It is considered one of the most sophisticated AI systems currently available, rivaling OpenAI’s GPT-4 in terms of capabilities. It also powers advanced AI features in Google products like Search and the Bard chatbot.

Google has already partnered with Samsung to bring Gemini AI to its Galaxy S24 series smartphones, demonstrating the potential for integration with mobile devices.

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Apple’s AI Strategy

While Apple has been relatively quiet about its AI ambitions compared to competitors like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI, the company has been investing heavily in the technology behind the scenes. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently stated that the company is “investing significantly” in generative AI and plans to share more details about its ongoing work in the space later this year.

Apple has been developing its own AI models, including a large language model codenamed “Ajax” and a basic chatbot called “Apple GPT.” However, reports suggest that Apple’s in-house AI technology may not be as advanced as that of its rivals, making a partnership with a company like Google an attractive option.

Potential Benefits and Risks of an Apple-Google AI Deal

A deal between Apple and Google could have significant implications for both companies and the wider AI industry. For Apple, integrating Gemini AI into the iPhone would allow it to offer cutting-edge AI features to its massive user base without having to rely solely on its own AI development efforts. This could include capabilities like advanced voice assistants, image generation, and natural language processing.

For Google, partnering with Apple would give Gemini a major boost in terms of reach and adoption. With over 2 billion active Apple devices worldwide, Google’s AI technology would suddenly be available to a vast new audience. The deal could also help Google navigate potential losses from regulatory scrutiny of its existing search partnership with Apple, which has come under fire from antitrust authorities.

However, increased regulatory pressure is a major risk that could complicate or block an AI deal between Apple and Google. Authorities are wary of the companies further entrenching their market power. Apple has also held discussions with OpenAI about using its models, keeping its options open.

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Regulatory Concerns

Any AI partnership between Apple and Google is likely to face intense regulatory scrutiny. The two companies already have a multi-billion-dollar agreement that makes Google the default search engine on Apple devices, and this deal has drawn the attention of antitrust regulators in the US and Europe.

A new AI partnership could further raise concerns about the market power of the two tech giants and the potential for anticompetitive behavior. Regulators may worry that an Apple-Google AI alliance could stifle innovation and limit consumer choice in the rapidly growing AI market.

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