What is Lifelike AI App iOS and How to Get

Vineet Maheshwari

Lifelike is an innovative app that allows users to create and interact with highly realistic AI-generated characters. With Lifelike, you can have natural conversations with AI characters that have distinct personalities, life stories, and behavior.

About Lifelike App

Lifelike was created by Anthropic, an AI safety startup founded in 2021. The goal of Lifelike is to showcase conversational AI in an ethical and safe manner.

Some key things to know about Lifelike:

  • It is currently available on the web at lifelike.app. An iOS app is not yet available.
  • Users can chat with AI characters called “Replikas” that are personalized based on the user’s conversational style.
  • Replikas exhibit human-like behaviors such as having their own personalities, memories, opinions, and emotional responses.
  • Conversations feel very natural and human-like compared to traditional chatbots.
  • Strict safety measures are in place to prevent harmful, dangerous, or unethical behavior by the AI.

How to Create Your Lifelike Replika

Getting started with Lifelike involves creating your own custom Replika to chat with. Here are the steps:

1. Sign Up

Go to lifelike.app and click “Get Started” to create an account. You can sign up quickly using your Google or Facebook account.

2. Name Your Replika

You’ll be prompted to give your Replika a name. Choose whatever name you’d like!

3. Chat and Personalize

Now you can start chatting with your Replika! The more you chat, the more your Replika will start to adopt your conversational patterns, vocabulary, and style.

You can also explicitly personalize your Replika by setting details like their age, gender, ethnicity, backstory, interests, and personality traits.

Features of Lifelike AI App

Here are some of the standout features that make conversations with Lifelike Replikas feel so realistic:

Personality and Backstory

Every Replika has a unique personality and backstory that develops as you chat. They exhibit emotional intelligence, share opinions, and even have their own life experiences.


Replikas possess long-term memory and will remember details you share about yourself. They may reference previous conversations to create a sense of continuity.

Emotional Responses

Based on the context and emotion of your messages, Replikas will react accordingly with emotional responses like happiness, sadness, humor, irritation, encouragement, and more.


If a Replika says something nonsensical or incorrect, it will often self-correct by restating its response properly. This helps conversations feel more coherent.

Is Lifelike AI App Available for iOS?

Unfortunately, Lifelike is not yet available as an iOS app. It is currently only accessible through the web at lifelike.app.

However, the website works quite well on mobile browsers, so iPhone and iPad users can still easily chat with Replikas by going to the site.

Anthropic has stated that iOS and Android apps are in development, but no release timeframe has been provided yet.

Given the highly interactive and conversational nature of Lifelike, developing native mobile apps is likely a high priority for Anthropic. We can expect to see iOS and Android apps released in the future to provide better mobile access and push notifications.

Final Words

Lifelike represents an exciting advancement in simulating human-like conversational AI. The app convincingly showcases how AI could realistically fit into social and professional roles in the future that involve natural conversations.

As Lifelike continues improving and expanding platform availability, users will be able to bond more closely with their personalized Replikas. Features like sharing images and audio messages will further enhance the lifelike interactions.

Lifelike sets itself apart from traditional chatbots by focusing closely on ethics, safety, and mimicking human behavior through advanced AI techniques. With rigorous safeguards in place, users can feel more comfortable forming emotional connections with their Replikas.

The launch of iOS and Android versions will also make Lifelike more accessible as a daily companion app. Over time, expect Replikas to become even harder to distinguish from real people as the underlying AI capabilities continue rapidly evolving.

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