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Top 5 iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets 3rd party 2023

iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets 3rd party

Apple now offers lock screen widgets, which are really helpful. Many of Apple’s in built applications currently support basic ones such as weather, home fitness, batteries, calendar, and other similar ones, but these widgets also work with third party applications, which is what I’ll discuss here. I’m going to spotlight the greatest third-party apps I’ve seen that take advantage of Apple’s new lock screen widgets feature.

Top 5 iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets 3rd party 2023


Flighty is extremely helpful for regular flyers. You may follow all of your information in this app connected to your flight, including your flight number, its status, whether it is delayed or on schedule, what gate it is at, and your baggage claim. There are two widgets that I believe are both cool and useful. The first one provides information such as your gate it’ll provide your gate the time of your flight and the live status of your flight right from your lock screen, the second one can provide booking codes seat numbers, and what baggage claim your flight is on also pretty useful for those who frequently fly.


Carrot weather is another app that I find to be really useful on the lock screen. Carrot weather is most likely the most popular type of weather. Carrot features a plethora of widgets for your lock screen, essentially anything you could possibly want. You may select from a variety of widgets that indicate high and low conditions as well as conditions, temperatures, hourly and daily forecast, wind, UV index, precipitation, air quality, dew point, humidity, visibility, and other information. There’s also a Snark widget that displays sarcastic comments. However, some widgets in the app require a premium subscription.

3.    PARCEL

This widget is designed specifically for people who do a lot of online shopping. The Parcel widget is excellent tracking for your phone that allows you to monitor your goods from Amazon, DHL, FedEx, and over 300 more services. You may utilize the new parcel lock screen widgets to view things like the status of your purchase and how many days it will take for that product to arrive at your residence. My favourite is a live update of that product, so you can see that if you ordered a new iPhone 14, it is on the vehicle and ready for delivery today. It provides three types of lock screen widgets: circular, rectangular, and inline.

4.    Apollo for Reddit

The Apollo for Reddit app provides a superb personalized user experience that goes above and beyond the default Reddit app for mobile devices. I like the real lock screen widgets where one shows your karma total, and another shows trending articles so you can see what is hot on Reddit. As an alternative to Apple’s own calendar, another helpful widget is wonderful. There are various alternatives available, including what’s coming up tomorrow and a full calendar month view. Christian Selig built a new lock screen widget for Apollo for Reddit that allows you to follow Reddit activity when the iPhone is locked at a glance. Widgets can highlight your favourite subreddits so you can keep track of them.

5.    THING 3

Things 3 is one of the most popular task management applications on the iPhone. Things 3 always incorporates the most recent iOS features, whether it’s shortcut support or the new Lock Screen widgets. Things 3 currently has four widgets available. A single task widget appears above the time, a medium widget displays three tasks, a widget allows you to add tasks, and a widget displays today’s progress.With Things 3, iPhone users may personalise three key to-do lists for their Lock Screen. You may use three new widgets to keep track of today’s lists, inboxes, deadlines, and other information.

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