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How To Enable iOS 16 Lock Screen Music (Apple & Spotify)

iOS 16 Lock Screen Music

With the release of the iOS 16 update, Apple improved and redesigned many features for iPhone users, especially the lock screen. Alongside creating an aesthetic lock screen design, the new iOS 16 has the feature of showing a music player on the lock screen. Yes, you have heard it right.

Whether you have started playing on Apple Music or Spotify, you can set music on the full-screen lock screen on iOS 16. Imagine playing the list of your favourite songs while the lock screen is on with the song’s background images. It would look so charming since I tried it on my iPhone.

After installing iOS 16 on my iPhone, getting a music player on the lock screen on iOS 16 is another aesthetic feature that many users liked.

How To Get iOS 16 Apple Music On Lock Screen

To get the Apple Music player on the IOS 16 lock screen, you should start the play button to start the song. Once the song starts playing, lock the screen of the device and then tap on the small banner image of the song from the bottom of the lock screen. Now you will see the music playing on the device’s lock screen with a huge image.

How To Get iOS 16 Spotify On Lock Screen

Like setting up the full Apple Music player on the lock screen of iOS 16, you can also get full-screen Spotify on the iOS 16 lock screen. Start playing the song, lock the screen, tap on the image from the small music widget of the lock screen and get the full iOS 16 music Lock screen Spotify player screen on your beloved iPhone.

Why is the 16 music lock screen not working?

Many background images and music tracks conflict, and the iOS 16 music lock screen is not working due to regional restrictions. For many users, changing the language to the native country helps to fix the music lock screen not working on the iOS 16 issue.

Was this article helpful to you? Are you enjoying music on the lock screen of iOS 16? Did you like this feature? Need more tips regarding the same? Don’t bother to ask in the comment box.

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