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IOS 16.4 New Emojis Are Coming

IOS 16.4 New Emojis

As part of its most recent iOS 6.4 developer’s beta update, the tech giant Apple has added a brand newset of emojis, and they are awesome! With iOS 16.4 new emojis are coming, and Apple is expected to expand its horizon in the emoji world by releasing new emojis with diverse and inclusive options this year. Let us take a closer look at what those new emojis are that will be coming with the new iOS 16.4 update in the coming time.

How many new emojis are there in iOS 16.4 update?

There isa total of new Unicode 15 emoji characters and 31 new emoji designsranging from new items and animals to emojis with different skin tones that will be released with the iOS 16.4 update.These new emoji additions were first suggested in July 2022 and then included in the Unicode standard in September of that same year. They were only recently added to iOS because Apple’s designers had to make the icons using the data provided by the Unicode Consortium.

What are the new emojis of iOS 16.4?

The three new colored heart emojis, one new smiling face, and two new hand gestures that should support the standard five skin tone modifiers are among the new emojis in the developer’s beta release of iOS 16.4, though they are not currently accessible in the beta.

For quite some time, the basic pink heart emoji has been in high demand. Together with the light blue and grey hearts, it fills some noteworthy gaps in the range of heart emoji colors. The new Shaking Face emoji can be used to convey internal emotions.

Rightwards Pushing Hand and Leftwards Pushing Hand can be used alone to signify pushing or a “stop” motion, or they can be combined to form a new “high five” emoji.

List of iOS 16.4 new emojis:

  1. Shaking Face
  2. Pink Heart
  3. Light Blue Heart
  4. Grey Heart
  5. Donkey
  6. Moose
  7. Goose
  8. Wing
  9. Jellyfish
  10. Hyacinth
  11. Pea Pod
  12. Ginger
  13. Folding Hand Fan
  14. Hair Pick
  15. Flute
  16. Maracas
  17. Khanda
  18. Wireless
  19. Rightward Pushing Hand
  20. Leftward Pushing Hand
  21. Black Bird
  22. Rightward Pushing Hand: Light Skin Tone
  23. Rightward Pushing Hand: Medium-Light Skin Tone
  24. Rightward Pushing Hand: Medium Skin Tone
  25. Rightward Pushing Hand: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
  26. Rightward Pushing Hand: Dark Skin Tone
  27. Leftward Pushing Hand: Light Skin Tone
  28. Leftward Pushing Hand: Medium-Light Skin Tone
  29. Leftward Pushing Hand: Medium Skin Tone
  30. Leftward Pushing Hand: Medium-Dark Skin Tone
  31. Leftward Pushing Hand: Dark Skin Tone

When will we get iOS 16.4 new emojis?

It was high time that Apple finally came forward with a new set of emojis. Currently, these new emojis are only accessible with the iOS 16.4 developer’s beta. If you also want to take advantage of these new emojis beforehand then you may sign up for the developer’s beta or wait until the public beta is released. The public beta will be released soon maybe this week since the developer’s beta is already in play. Once the beta testing is done all iOS users will be able to access iOS 16.4 and take advantage of the new set of emojis.


Overall, Apple’s new emojis represent the company’s dedication to tolerance and diversity. Take some time to get to know the new emojis and have fun adding them to your chats the next time you upgrade your iPhone. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new fave!

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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