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Best iOS 15 Safari Extensions For iPhone/iPad 2022

Best iOS 15 Safari Extensions For iPhone

Extensions play a very important role for users as they give users a chance to do something out of the box. I have already installed some fruitful web extensions on my Mac. But the iOS 15 landed with the new feature to support Extensions on Safari browser. 

Yes, you heard it right. I always wanted to have to block annoying ads on Safari on my iPhone. It seems like Apple heard my voice and allowing users to install Extensions in Safari on iOS 15. I feel too glad to tell you that there are many iOS 15 Safari Extensions available to use the browser better and get more from the app. I did the gig and found some best Safari Extensions for iPhones and iPad. Let’s check them out!

Top 7 Safari Extensions for iOS 15 On iPhone and iPad

1.      AdGuard – Free

When I heard about Safari extensions on iOS 15, I immediately searched for the best ad-blocker extension on my iPhone and found this AdGuard extension. This extension is free that blocks ads, and give a smooth browsing experience.

2.      Clario – 7-day free trial, $8.99/ month

Many websites try to steal your data, and some don’t users access sites from a specific region. Clario is the best Safari Extension on iOS 15 use as a VPN to anonymously access restricted websites without compromising privacy. 

3.      1Blocker – Free, premium version starts at $1.99

1Blocker is one of the best Safari Extensions for iOS users to get rid of bothersome trackers, ads, popups, and more on sites. It also helps users enjoy browsing faster than usual. It also lets you use iCloud sync for a seamless experience.

4.      Microsoft Translator – Free

Do you often come to non-English sites? If so, then Microsoft Translator is the best extension for Safari browser to simply translate any foreign language page to your native or English language with copy-paste the content. This extension currently supports around 70 languages.

5.      1Password – Free (Monthly subscription for $3.99)

On my PC, I have already installed this extension to keep saving all my login pages. It helps to fill up my login detail without entering them manually directly automatically. You don’t need to save every website login detail to notepad as this extension is the best and safe to manage your saved passwords.

6.      Mailo – $2.99 Month

While browsing Safari pages, I often come across some webpage that I want to save for later use, and I copy-paste to notes or email to myself. To do it better, Mail is the best Safari extension to share stuff with yourself quickly.

7.      Quiet – $8.99

As the name of the extensions says, “Quiet” means this extension works best if you want to quietly focus on work by ignoring unwanted ads, popups, and unwanted notifications. 

Which Safari Extension Is Your Favorite on iOS 15?

I tried the above seven Safari extensions on my iPhone 11 running iOS 15. They worked great and were very productive. What do you think about them? Which one do you like the most? Do you know any other best extension? Would you mind not bothering to share with us in the comment section? 

As we know that iOS 15 is still in beta form, we may see more extensions when the final version releases in September along with iPhone 13 series. 

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