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iOS 15 Beta Bugs and Problem Users Are Facing So Far

iOS 15 Beta Bugs

Beta updates are for bugs, issues, and glitches. Like every year, Apple released iOS 15 beta at the WWDC event and other watchOS 8, tvOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey. It has been around two weeks since Apple geeks are testing the new iOS 15 beta 1. During the testing, many iOS 15 beta bugs and problems come to light, and here we are going to share every iOS 15 issue discovered so far. 

Planning to jump into the new iOS 15 ecosystem? You should check out these iOS 15 problems before you move to the new iOS 15. 

25 iOS 15 Bugs You Need To Knows

  1. The older safari pages will get sorted in ascending order based on tab opened time.
  2. Safari is not loading pages.
  3. The Account Settings screen shows the button to buy iCloud plus, even if the user has a subscription.
  4. Smart artwork is broken in the Music app.
  5. AirPods audio gets stutter badly for some users.
  6. Saved numbers and names are not showing correctly in Messages.
  7. “My Location” in Weather notification is not remaining activated.
  8. The AssistiveTouch graphic is added in the screenshot when AssistiveTouch is activated.
  9. “AppleCare Coverage Available” button is not working properly.
  10. Some pre-installed apps are being re-downloaded if you uninstall them on your newer iPhone with iOS 15 beta 1.
  11. The Raise To Wake is not working sometimes.
  12. The chosen Assistive touch feature is not working properly instead of triggering Siri.
  13. Memojis render issues on some devices.
  14. AutoReply is not working properly in Focus Mode.
  15. The Guider Access function is not initiating sometimes.
  16. Health data is not showing data correctly.
  17. Home screen pages are not showing up in random when Focus mode is on.
  18. App Library scrolling is not working properly.
  19. Scanning document in the Mail App is broken for some users.
  20. The connected device’s battery is not showing properly in the Battery widget.
  21. The mute and route over button are not showing in CarPlay for some users.
  22. Siri is turning sad when you trigger it multiple times.
  23. FaceTime portrait mode is not working properly.
  24. FaceTime call is not working when you try to call someone with emoji in your name.
  25. The app update is not working for some users.

Your issues?

Have you tested the iOS 15 beta on your beloved iPhone? Have you come across any iOS 15 issues? Please share with us in the comment box. 

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