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iOS 15.1 Add Vaccination Card To Apple Wallet With Five Steps

iOS 15.1 Add Vaccination Card

Since the new iOS 15.1 update landed for iPhone users all over the world, users are looking for a way to add a COVID-19 vaccination card to Apple Wallet. You heard it right; Apple introduced the new feature to add vaccine pass to Wallet so that users can quickly show the vaccine certification to any restaurant, bar, garner or cafe. 

If you are still wondering whether you should update to iOS 15.1 or not, then my answer would be Yes. You should download and install the latest iOS 15.1 update since it allows adding a vaccine card to Apple Wallet and the most awaited SharePlay feature to enjoy content together. Without wasting much time, let’s get ready for the iOS 15.1 Covid Wallet. 

How To Vaccination Card To Apple Wallet On iOS 15.1 Update

Note: Make sure that your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS 15.1 update. 

  1. Get the QR code ready from the vaccination card. 
  2. Open the Camera app on iPhone and scan the QR code.
  3. Next, tap on the yellow Health notification once the code is scanned.
  4. Next, tap on the Add To Wallet & Health button with the information about safely storing vaccine passes to the Wallet app.
  5. Once the Vaccination card is added to the Wallet app, tap Done.

After adding the COVID vaccine card to the Apple Wallet app, you can check the vaccine card on the wallet app by opening the App, scrolling down, and tapping on the Vaccination banner. To open the new iOS 15.1 vaccine pass, tap on Show Records. 

Can’t Add Vaccine Card To Apple Wallet in IOS 15.1?

Many users also tried to add vaccine pass to the Wallet app on iOS 15.1 update. But they could not add vaccine pass to Apple Wallet as the camera doesn’t scan vaccine card QR code. Hence, we tried to reach many other users with the same problem, and we realised that many uses from outside the USA are not able to add COVID pass to Apple Wallet on iOS 15.1. It will take some time to roll out this feature for everyone. 

Final Words

Did you add Vaccine Card to the Apple Wallet app? Did you get any issues while adding the vaccine card to the Wallet app on IOS 15.1? Would you mind dropping a comment below? 

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