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iOS 14 iMessage App: Top 5 New Messages Features on iPhone

iOS 14 iMessage App

Even there are many third-party messages app available for iPhone users; people still love Apple’s iMessage even if there are no fruitful features. But with iOS 14, everything has become great on messages app for iPhone users. 

Apple had added many useful features like pinned conversations, inline replies, group images, @ tags, and message filters with new iOS 14’s iMessage app. If you have recently installed the new iOS 14 on your iPhone, we will show you how to use new messages features in iOS 14 on iPhone.

How To Use New Features of iMessage App on iOS 14

Pin A Conversation 

If you often chat with the same person, again and again, you can pin up to nine conversations on the iMessage app on iOS 14. There are a total of three ways to do it:

1st Way: On the chat, swipe it to the tight and tap on the Pin icon.

2nd Way: Press down on the conversation and select Pin from the pop-up menu.

3rd Way: Press down on the conversation and drag and drop it onto the Pin circle at the top.

Reply Inline

Like WhatsApp, you can reply to inline messages in groups or personal chat in the iMessage app. You can simply press down on the comment to which you want to respond and tap Reply. Type your response in the Reply field and send the text. That’s it!

Tag or Mention 

Like WhatsApp, Apple has also added the new mention or tag option to the iMessage, which helps users highlight some that user. To mention someone on the iMessage app, type the person’s name, and it will show you the pop-up; you can choose the person’s name. You can also use @ with name to tag the person.

Change the name and photo of the group

It seems like Apple is completely taking all the features from WhatsApp. They added the new option to change the name and group icon in the iMessage app. To do that, tap on the group conversation icon, select info, change the name and image.

Set Alert For Mention 

If you have muted any group and conversation, you can also alert you when someone mentions you in the group, even if you have mute the group. To enable this option, go to Settings > Messages > turn toggle on next to Notify Me.

These were the top five new features of iMessage of iOS 14 update that you can use on your iPhone to chat with you loved once in better matter. If you need more help regarding the same, please do feel free to ask us through the comments.

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