iOS 14 Beta 5 Problems & Issues You Need To Know

By Govind

Apple keeps releasing new upgrades for the latest iOS 14 as they recently unveiled the fifth installment of iOS 14 beta program. Those who haven’t installed the iOS 14 beta 5 are wondering what’s new and the iOS 14 beta 5 update problems. 

Well, we already coved the article for the new feature of iOS 14 beta 5. And here, we are going to show you some issues on iOS 14 beta 5, which will help you whether it is good to download iOS 14 beta 5. So if you haven’t installed iOS 14 beta 5 and want to know is it worth getting it or not, then you are lucky as we did some research and end up with these bugs on iOS 14 beta 5 you can check now.

Bugs and Glitches in iOS 14 Beta 5

New Issues

  • Stocks app missing charts on the home page (working for some, however)

Remaining Issues

  • Clock widget not updating/time incorrect compared to clock app icon (whilst much better than B4, clocks still go out of sync after a while)
  • Shortcuts app unable to create QR codes
  • Shortcuts app fails to activate Airplay 2 (e.g. Sonos) devices when activated in Siri
  • Shortcuts app unable to turn WiFi off. (“Could not run set Wi-Fi – there was a problem communicating with the app”)
  • Refreshing App Store updates after updating apps causes the refresh to hang
  • iTunes Store Genius page layout broken
  • Calendar events removed from widgets after 15 minutes even if duration is longer

Well, the iOS 14 beta 5 only fixed one bug, but the remaining issues are still there, which will be solved soon as the update is still in beta. Let’s wait for the final stable version of iOS 14, which will come with the release of iPhone 12. If you are installing iOS 14 beta 5 and come across any glitch, please do feel free to share it with us in the comment section. Also, you can share any other gem if you found in iOS 14 beta 5. We can also expect the next iOS 14 beta 6 with a more improved update and bug-free.

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By Govind
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