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iOS 14.3 Has An Amazing Automatic Wallpaper Change Set Action Feature

iOS 14.3

Apple’s new eco-system iOS 14 completely changes the way of using the iPhone. Home screen customisation has become one of the best features of new iOS 14 for iPhone users since it allows them to create new app icons, widgets, and more.

We thoughts everything is done with iOS 14. But surprisingly, there was still under the hood. With the new iOS 14.3 beta update, Apple added one more home screen customisation feature for iPhone users.

This time, the tech giant added the new action within the shortcuts app to set automatic wallpaper according to your preference. You heard it right. You can use the shortcut app to change home screen background wallpaper according to the time automatically.

You can set different wallpapers for the morning, evening, office, or home according to your preference.  Once you set wallpaper and set the time to change the wallpaper, your iPhone will automatically change home screen wallpaper. Even it would be fun to change wallpaper depends on time and place.

Well, iOS 14.3 is still in beta and people testing. We are not sure when it will be finalized. But as per the response from the Reddit users, we can assume that this feature would be for iPhone users who love to set dynamic wallpapers on their iPhone. Even it would be great to see the whole new customized home screen with automatic new wallpapers.

If you have gotten your hands with this cool feature, please do tell us your feedback through the comment section. You can also share any other hidden feature of iOS 14.3 update.

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