How to use Apple Pay on iPhone SE 2022 Model


Apple launched the second-generation iPhone called iPhone SE two years back which got a tremendously positive response. Considering a huge response from the customers, the company also released its successor by the name of iPhone SE 2022. 

The markets are already loaded with this finest phone at great deals. Some stores are even coming up with some exciting deals on which the person can save money on iPhone SE 2022 and even be eligible for different data plans. Of all, the finest upgrade that you can find on this phone is that it is compatible with 5G and you can enjoy faster data speed.

But if you are looking forward to how to use Apple Pay on iPhone SE 2022, well then given below is the systematic process of doing the same.

What makes iPhone SE 2022 an unbeatable option?

This phone is an affordable iPhone series that you can consider. It also offers quick performance and clear cameras with 12 megapixels which is why many people are now buying it. But that is not it! The wireless charging and the sleek design is like cherry on the cake that has outclassed many Android models

Make payment: With some easy ways of making payment through Apple Pay, you can ensure a safe and secure transaction. The good news is you can now install Apple pay on your iPhone SE and use it for future transactions.

Colorful display: As compared to other models, this water-resistant model comes with a Retina Display of around 4.7 inches which makes it convenient to see outdoors. Besides, you can get vibrant pictures.

Other features to not ignore:

It also comes with an A13 chip, Smart HDR with metal and glass blended design that makes it more unique than the rest of the models that are so far released in the store.

Moving forward, the latest model of iPhone SE offers the Touch ID feature just like other iPhone models like 6, 7 and 8 had. This makes the phone a more secure option. Besides, the software experience is incredible and smooth. But when it comes to using the Apple Pay on this model, well, it is more or less similar to the iPhone 6 and 7 option but still, given the clear guidelines mentioned.

Steps to add cards on the iPhone SE Apple Pay app

Before using Apple Pay, firstly you need to make sure all the payment cars are securely added to the wallet. To do so, you need to:

  • Go in the setting section of the phone
  • Scroll down to the option called ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’
  • You then have to select the option ‘Add Card’ and then choose the ‘Debit or Credit Card’ section
  • You can then see the continue button which you need to press and follow all the instructions thoroughly.

Using Apple Pay on the iPhone SE 2022

When the phone is not locked

Once all the important cards are added to the wallet, it is time that you start using it to make the transactions wherever the contactless payment is used. For this you need

  • Go in the setting option and click on the section of Wallet & Apple Pay
  • You will come across different choices like Express Travel Card
  • You can even set a default card for the same so that even when the phone is located you can access the Apple pay
  • If the iPhone is unlocked, you simply have to hold the device to the card reader and the available card options will appear.
  • You can select the card that you want to use and then press the finger on the Touch ID.
  • It would further take you to the payment authentication option that you have selected.

When the phone is locked

  • In case the phone is a lock, then you may have to click two times on the home button section of the wallet and apply the pay-setting
  • During the payment, you need to tap the touch ID home section two times on the phone.
  • For authentication, hold the finger along with the touch ID and then hold the iPhone to the card reader.


The iPhone SE 2022 is loaded with some impeccable feature that probably was not in its previous version. It also has an A15 Bionic chip which is quite an upgraded process and the durability of the phone through its tough glass makes it a more reliable series of iPhone just like iPhone 13. Its sleek design and the overall size is user friendly with an incredible camera on the back. While using all these features, now you can make payment through this phone by downloading Apply pay and following all the instructions shared above.

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