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Modern technology is really a boon to mankind. It has made life a lot easier for humans and provided solutions for almost all of its problems. While modern technology might not be the answer to everything, it surely is the key through which mankind has overcome most of its issues. However, modern technology has turned humans quite careless, as everything that he wants is either just a button away or available on the internet, but what takes the cake is modern technology has provided a solution for that as well.

iPhone, known for its impeccable flagship cell phones and electronic gadgets, is upping the game on a daily basis. The new Airtag is a revolution in the gadget industry.

Since its inception, iPhone has always been a game changer and is continuing in doing so. iPhone recently launched Airtag and the response has been amazing. For every clumsy human out there who loses even the basic things, Airtag is the ultimate saviour. Just attach it to your basic devices or things like key chains, mobile gadgets, your backpack or any of the things that you think needs to be tagged and track your stuff from the convenience of your phone. Strap your Airtag and do not worry about your stuff anymore.

However, some people might find it difficult to use the Airtag. The process is fairly easy yet can be difficult for people who find it comparatively hard to work with devices and are not that much into technology or are not tech savvy. So, here’s a step by step procedure on how you can connect your Airtag to your device and use it.


Simply strap your Airtag to any stuff like your backpack, cycles or motorbikes, eyewear or even small things like keychains, or keys. With Airtag you will always know the location of your stuffs and where to find it. It is completely safe, so you do not need to worry about your security and privacy ever.


This is one of the most important steps. Remove the plastic tag that comes with your Airtag. This will activate your Airtag and it is now ready to pair. Navigate to the Find My App on your phone and if you do not have it, set it up. Keep the Airtag as close to your iPhone as possible. It will appear on your iPhone. Click on “Continue”.


Name the Airtag according to your preference with the device you want to to tag. Register the Airtag on your Apple id to which 16 Airtags can be paired up, that is, on a single Apple id. If more than that it will not pair.

The Airtag is now ready to use and you can now see the location of your belongings on Find my application. Attach the Airtag to your belongings you want to track and keep track of your stuffs without any hassle.

These are the steps that you need to follow in order to connect and use Airtag on your iPhone device.

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