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How to Turn off Dynamic Island iPhone 14

Turn off Dynamic Island iPhone 14

The dynamic island feature came as a surprise to all the users out there. Dynamic island replaced the pill shaped cut out that was at the top of the screen, and users are having mixed feelings about this. Some are really impressed which what Apple had to offer with Dynamic Island while some are still disappointed about the whole shift from pill cut out. The dynamic island is not so different from the notifications, they both perform the same thing. With the dynamic island, you will be able to check alerts and track down different activities which are currently running in the background such as music, stopwatch, timer, Airdrop, directions from Maps, order tracking, etc, and many more. You can view dynamic island whenever you unlock your iPhone, it cannot be seen while your iPhone is locked.

Can you turn off the dynamic island?

The dynamic island can be seen as a distraction, while you are working or using your iPhone. Since the background ongoing activity is constantly displayed on your screen it can be hard to focus on other activities performed on your iPhone. Many users raised concerns about this issue that they don’t want the dynamic island to be displayed all the time on their screen as it is very distracting.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature yet brought by Apple, that could turn off the dynamic island on your iPhone. There is nothing as a user you can do to disable the dynamic island feature. It is there and will continue to be there until Apple releases a new model of iPhone that has a feature of disabling the dynamic island feature.

How to turn off the dynamic island feature?

If you are not able to focus on your work and the dynamic island keeps distracting you then you may dismiss the content that appears in the dynamic island feature as there is no way you could turn off this thing. You can simply dismiss the animation by swiping left or right across the dynamic island. This way you can stop the animations shown on the dynamic island of the background activity. Note that if you dismiss the animation, the background activity won’t be affected all the applications would still be running smoothly.

If you remove all activity on Dynamic Island, it will revert the pill shape to its old inactive state, allowing you to focus fully on what else is on the screen.

Is the dynamic feature always on?

Currently, there is no option given to users that can disable the dynamic island feature. Users don’t even have to option to choose which app should be used by dynamic island or not. That means the dynamic island feature is always on, even if you lock your screen it will return to its original position of being pill shaped but it is still there showing little animations of the background activity.

Does iPhone 14 have the dynamic island feature?

Dynamic island feature is only limited to the iPhone 14 pro models. iPhone 14 does not have a dynamic island feature. Only iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are compatible with the dynamic island feature. If you are using iPhone 14, then you don’t need to worry about the distraction caused by the dynamic island, as the iPhone 14 is still using the pill shaped cut out notch instead of the dynamic island.

How many activities are shown on the dynamic island?

The dynamic island supports 2 activities at a time. The Dynamic Island is divided into two background activities and if you want to remove one or both, use the same swipe gesture to remove the bigger part. Swipe over the remaining activity that spans the pill in the same manner.

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