How to Take a Photo of the Moon with iPhone


The Moon is arguably the most photographed celestial object in the world, and it’s also probably the most difficult to photograph, requiring long exposures, additional filters, and an expensive camera. But now that iPhone cameras have come a long way, we’re able to take photos of the Moon.

However, when you try to click a photo of the Moon, you might see just a blurry ball. You may now be wondering if those people are lying about clicking a picture of the Moon on their iPhone that looks high-quality. Whether it is a lunar eclipse or a full moon night, there are many lovely reasons to capture the Moon.

It may seem impossible to take a photo of the Moon on an iPhone at first glance, but it is actually quite easy and can be done by anyone! In this article, I will show you the best settings you need to get a good picture of the Moon.

How to Take a Picture of the Moon on an iPhone

Since the iPhone 13 is the latest phone in the lineup, we will show you how to take a photo of the Moon on the iPhone 13.

What Things You Will Need?

The iPhone X or Later: It would be best if you have the iPhone 13 Pro, but another iPhone with a telephoto lens will do.

Your smartphone, fully charged: Before you go out to take that amazing shot of Moon, wipe the lens of your phone camera using a lint-free cloth.

Smartphone Tripod: This may be a sophisticated tripod meant to support your phone, or it could be a homemade tripod. Remember, the first rule of night photography is to use a tripod! Without it, every photo will be blurry.

Things that are not mandatory but would be useful:

Third-Party Camera App: Download a dedicated third-party camera app if you want more camera settings and control over your iPhone’s camera. This allows you to manually alter settings such as shutter speed and ISO. There are several such applications, such as the ProCam app and Yamera

Extra Lens: You can purchase an additional zoom lens for your iPhone. This is optional but is simply useful. There are many special lenses made for the iPhone that are available on the market.

A Binocular and a Small Telescope: It may appear strange to residents who see you carrying surveillance equipment through their neighborhood late at night, but make sure you have portable zoom lenses.

Take the Final Shot of the Moon on Your iPhone

Finally, you’re prepared to photograph the Moon on your iPhone. Nevertheless, rather than allowing your phone to do it automatically, you must manually modify several settings. Continue reading to find out more.

  • Place your iPhone on a gimbal or tripod. If you have one, attach a clip-on lens.
  • Then, on your phone, go to the Camera app or the third-party camera you have installed.
  • Make sure that the flash is turned off. You can turn it off from the top-left corner of the camera app.
  • Set up your arrangement and zoom in using your phone’s viewfinder.
  • Because the Moon is frequently too bright, you must manually adjust the exposure.
  • Long-press the region around the Moon, and there should be a yellow square emerging. Place your finger immediately to the right of the little sun symbol and drag it down gently. Drag lower to expose the Moon’s intricacies and minimize its exposure.
  • The more you drag your finger down, the brighter the Moon will get until you can see some surface detail. You can now take your finger as the exposure will be set for the shot.
  • After you’ve locked the exposure, press the ‘Shutter’ icon to shoot your picture!

Pro Tip: If you brought those binoculars we asked for, you can use them as an additional lens. Just like you put it on your eye, place it on your iPhone’s camera lens. Now adjust the phone or binocular settings until you get the best result.

Now you know how to click a photo of the Moon on an iPhone. A Lunar Eclipse in 2022 could be the right opportunity to try this guide.

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