How to remove red numbers from apps icon on iPhone

By Betty

Are you new to iPhone? Want to get rid of the red numbers from app icon? If yes, we will be sharing the guide to disable red notification badge from iOS apps.

What are red numbers on app icons on iPhone?

Technically, these red numbers are notification badges that tell you there some message or notification that arrives from that app to know if you have missed something important. For example, if you see 10 red numbers on the mail app on your iOS device, it means that there are ten unread emails on your email app.

How to get rid of red numbers from app icon on iOS 14

Note: This method will work on iPhone running iOS 14 update.

Step #1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step #2: Scroll down and tap on Notifications.

Step #3: Go down to the Notification Style.

Step #4: Tap on the app on you wants to remove the red number.

Step #5: Once the app section opened, turn the toggle off next to Badges.

Step #6: All done now!

Once you go through these six steps, you won’t see numbers on any app on your iPhone. But you will not know which app notification has arrived if you disable the notification badge option on any app.

For better management and get updated with every app alert, it would be good to know what notifications are pending to check, clear, and don’t miss any important messages.

I hope now you know how to turn off red numbers from app icon on your iPhone. Are you happy with a guide? Do you need more help regarding the same? Please do tell us through the comment box.

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