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How to Open M3U Files on iPhone and iPad with IPTV Apps

Open M3U Files on iPhone

Online content consumption has become more prevalent in recent years, and the number of different ways you can do it is almost unlimited. Online radio/television, broadcasting internet videos, YouTube vlogs, and smartphones apps are just a few of the many options that exist.

Many iOS users believe it is difficult to watch live TV and movies on their iPhones, but that is not actually the case. You can easily open IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) M3U – computer file format on your iPhones and iPads, and let’s find out how to do it.


You’ve got an iPhone and television, but why not use both to watch your favorite shows or live tv channels? Set up IPTV on your iOS device, and you can watch videos from anywhere- even outside of your home.

It will allow you to open the m3u file so that you can watch anything you want.

Best Apps to Open M3U Files on iPhone and iPad?

As stated above, IPTV services enable you to open M3U files on any device. However, you will need an IPTV application installed on your iOS device,

We have collected some interesting apps for IPTV for you on this page.

  1. GSE Smart IPTV
  2. IPTV World: Watch TV Online
  3. Mobdro Live TV IPTV HD Player
  4. IPTV GO
  5. IPTV Player: Play m3U Playlist
  6. TV Streams: Play & Cast IPTV
  7. rIPTV
  8. SPB TV World: TV and Movies
  9. IPTV Television – M3U List
  10. Tv Tap IPTV Smart HD Player

How do I Open M3U Files?

You can create a playlist that people can listen to on the go! The applications allow you to share the playlist with all your friends.M3U playlists are usually compiled from several multimedia files for playback on a list of supported downstream devices.

It contains playlist information that description andchannel name. It’s also text-based and can easily be opened using any text editor.

This information is found this way:

#EXTINF:-1,Channel Name

Every channel description will be in two lines. The first line will contain the name of the channel and the second line will ensure you get access to that specific channel’s server address, username, and password, channels ID for proper identification.

To open M3U playlist files, you can use any of the mentioned IPTV players that is compatible with your iPhone.

IPTV: What Is It?

IPTV, often referred to as IP television, is the use of digital media to transmit audio, video, data, and other electronic signals (TCP/IP). It is a form of digital television. IPTV allows viewers to stream live and on-demand TV shows and movies to their computer, iPhone, iPad, Android, or gaming console. It also offers a variety of interactive features such as chatrooms and polls.

It allows you to watch TV without cable. Instead of paying a cable provider, you can stream all your media through the internet without requiring a physical transmission device. Unlike traditional TVs, IPTV broadcasts traditional television programs through digital signals the same way online streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube do.

What Is an M3U File?

M3U (MP3 URL) stands for Moving Picture Experts Group Audio Layer 3 Uniform Resource Location. This is a file format that is used mostly to play music playlists on multiple devices, but now it has become popular to watch live television channels, live programs, and other multimedia files.

Multimedia players will save time by using a playlist created in M3U format to pre-queue your files for playback. It has been one of the more popular formats used on MP3 players for audio compilations and live streaming. It is also found in the IPTV industry and is becoming more common among viewers due to how it has improved over time.

M3U files contain information on the media you plan to add to a playlist. While using IPTV services, you can edit and compile a file using text, making it easier to update the media list as your tastes and needs change.

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