How to Increase iPhone Storage Capacity?


iPhones are a good way to store and move data. With many people requiring devices that can support multiple functions and be easy to carry about, iPhones seem to win many hearts for this. 

However, the storage space on many iPhones can be very small. If you constantly run out of storage space on your iPhone, do not worry. You will not need to buy a new iPhone to get more iPhone storage space. 

Asking why you need more iPhone storage space? If you are reading this article today, then maybe you are handling a very slow phone, or just need more space to store some crucial documents but can’t get in on your iPhone. In this guide to getting more storage space on iPhone, you will learn some of the tricks people use to increase iPhone storage capacity.

Let me show you how to expand iPhone storage capacity. Read on to have a better grasp of some of these strategies. Please note that some of these strategies can be used in combination to have a better experience with your iPhone storage.

Learn what takes up the most space 

Understanding your iPhone and what consumes most of your phone storage is the first step towards decluttering it. To do this, go to settings then navigate to “General” and finally iPhone Storage. In this section, you should be able to see a breakdown of the files and media that are taking up space on the iPhone. From the list of music, videos, photos, apps, books, documents, and games, you will understand what takes up more space so that you know where to start from. 

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Delete unnecessary apps and data 

Now that you understand the dynamics about your phone storage, it is timely to proceed to delete apps and app data. 

Open the apps that are taking up a lot of space and delete any that you have not used for a while. You can also decide to delete apps that you have used before but are taking up very large space. You can do this and opt for a lighter version of the app or just to clear downloaded files and install the app afresh. 

Optimize storage settings 

iPhone comes with built-in features such as the “Optimize Storage” which automatically stores photos and videos in iCloud. This helps you save a lot of space on your iPhone. 

The feature also allows the full-resolution of the media files you store in the cloud, while saving smaller and optimized versions on your device. This way, the device increases the available storage capacity by itself. 

You can enable this feature on your phone by navigating to the settings, then Photos, followed by Optimize Storage, and toggling it on. 

Offload photos and videos to the cloud or computer

You could be dealing with a full iPhone storage but not ready to part with any old media yet. If you are facing this scenario, you do not need to worry as there are still fixes you can perform to secure your data and gain more storage. 

You can use services such as Dropbox, Google Photos, iCloud etc. Some of the actions to take for ‘memory full’ message include deploying Dropbox or Google Photos. These cloud-based platforms offer seamless ways to backup files in the cloud while making them available on demand across several devices. 

Once you have sent your files to the cloud, you simply need to delete them from the local storage and they will remain available online. This is a very simple way to increase iPhone storage capacity. 

Use cloud storage services

If you like taking a lot of photos or videos, cloud storage should be your best companion in order that you can use more phone storage. For instance, Google Photos will be able to store all the photos and videos you capture with your phone camera all the time. This seamless backup feature helps you declutter internal storage by sending all the files to the cloud while storing copies locally. You can delete all the photos and videos stored locally and still have them backed up in the cloud. 

The good thing also with cloud storage is that you can easily access the files anywhere, anytime, from any device. You only need to login to your account and there your photos and videos will be available even for downloads and sharing.

Stream to save storage space

Some people prefer to download movies and videos to watch locally. If you like music or movies, downloading them directly to your phone will only cause more clutter to the device. Try streaming them instead to increase iPhone storage space. 

There are a number of applications that can help you stream better such as Spotify, YouTube, or Apple Music. They will get you the streams without taking up space and straining your data. Also, streamlining allows you to enjoy all your favorite videos and songs. 

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