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How To Hide Photos on iPhone in iOS 14

Hide Photos on iPhone

Do you often spend your weekends or holiday with your friends? In a case, if you are spending this weekend with your family, then I guess you many private pictures on your iPhone, and you won’t like any of your family members to see those photos.

If so, then it would be a better option to keep those images hidden from them. Luckily, Apple iOS 14 has the new feature to hide photos on iPhone. Sounds great? Earlier users had to use third-party apps to hide images on iPhones. But now it has become so much easy to keep your private photos under the hood on the iPhone. Without buzzing more, let’s get to the guide!

How Do Hide Photos in iOS 14 on iPhone?

Step #1: Launch the Photo app.

Step #2: Next, select pictures you want to hide from your iPhone.

Step #3: Once you have selected images, tap on the Share icon at the left-bottom corner of the screen.

Step #4: Scroll down to Hide option and tap on it.

Step #5: Now tap Hide Photo to confirm, and it will vanish from your photo gallery.

Still, anyone can see those hidden photos under the Hidden Album. Luckily, you can also hide hidden album in iOS 14 on your hide. You just have to go to Settings > Photos and turn the toggle off next to Hidden Album.

Once you turned off, no one would be able to see those hidden pictures on your iPhone. Well, you can’t stop someone from enable that hidden album option. But it will take some time.

Have you hidden your private pictures on your Phone? Did you found this article helpful? If so, do let us know your feedback in the comment box.  Also, feel free to ask more questions about new iOS 14 through the comments.

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