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How To Hide Apps or Home Screen Pages on iPhone in iOS 14

To Hide Apps or Home Screen Pages on iPhone in iOS 14

Hiding app on iPhone task has become very easy every since Apple releases the new iOS 14 update. You heard it right; you don’t have to download or use any third-party tactic to hide any app on your iPhone running iOS 14.

The best things you can give your iPhone home screen look clean and neat by hiding unwanted apps or page from the iOS 14 home screen. Even it will be helpful to hide some apps like Tinder you don’t want any other person to see on your iPhone. Without wasting much time, let’s find how to do it!

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How To Hide App Page on iPhone in iOS 14

Step #1: First of all, create one home screen page with the apps you want to hide.

Step #2: Long-press on anywhere on the home screen until the apps start dancing.

Step #3: At the bottom of the screen, you will see page indicator with dots for each page. Tap on it.

Step #4: Once you are in Edit Page, you will see all app pages on your iPhone. You can uncheck on the page to hide the home screen page with apps.

Step #5: Now tap on Done, go back to the home screen and again tap Done.

Now you won’t be able to see those apps and home screen page on your iPhone. All those apps are hidden from your iPhone’s home screen. No one can see those apps on your iPhone home screen. To get those app pages back, follow the same process and check the page you want to unhide.

That’s it!

This is how you can hide any app and home screen pages from your iPhone’s home screen running iOS 14. I hope you followed the guide, and now you know the way to keep some apps hidden on iPhone’s home screen. If you need more help regarding the use of iOS 14, you can ask use directly in the comment box.

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