How To Get Disney Character Filter In Instagram On iPhone


I grow up watching Disney movies and cartoons. I still admire the Frozen movie characters. It seems like my favourite characters are back to the Instagram world as millions of Reels are circulating with Frozen princess-like Disney characters. 

You heard it, right! The ‘Disney Character Filter’ is now trending on Instagram and TikTik. People around the world are coming with cute Instagram reels with Disney character faces. When I saw the reels, I was so impressed and eager to try the filter. But sadly, the filter is not available on Instagram. You need to go through few added steps to get the Disney Character filter reel on Instagram. Are you ready to use the Disney Style 3D filter on Instagram? If so, let’s move on to the guide. 

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How To Do Disney Character Filter On Instagram

Note: “Disney Character Filter” is available on Snapchat with the name Cartoon 3D Style filter. You should download and install the latest Snapchat app on your iPhone. If you have already installed the App, you can go ahead. But make sure that it is updated.

  1. Open the Snapchat app.
  2. Go to App’s camera section by clicking the smiling emoji.
  3. Type ‘Cartoon 3D Style’ or swipe through the filters to get this one.
  4. Now adjust your face, click pictures or record videos. Tap and hold the shutter button to record video.
  5. Now tap on the Save icon at the bottom left corner.
  6. That’s it. Now you can upload the image or video to Instagram and add Disney music in the background of the reel or video.

Furthermore, you can also use any images from the Camera Roll to add the Disney Character effect to any older pictures. There is no option to change the face on older videos; you have to record the video within the App.

There are also many third-party apps available to create cartoon faces especially. You can use them, but Snapchat would be trust worry and the best App to get Disney Character face. You can also try more amazing filters. 

Last Words

Was this article helpful? Have you created a Disney Character face reel using the above steps? Did you enjoy the article? If so, please share with other users who like to try this filter. If you need more help to make the best Instagram reels, you can ask us through the comment box. 

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