How To Get Custom Shirts in NBA 2k22 on iOS

By Gustavo

As the new NBA 2k22 landed on every platform, fans have already started scanning faces on NBA 2k22 to create the character based on your real-life look. While many people have already started playing games with new characters and costumes, some users are looking to get custom shirts in NBA 2k22 free. 

Older NBA 2k21 players already know how to unlock shirts in the game. But the news users are unaware of the process and want to know how to unlock and get customize shirts free on NBA 2k22 on iPhone. Do you want to try new T-shirts on NBA 2k22? Let’s go with the below steps. 

How To Get Custom Shirts In NBA 2k22 on iOS Free

Note: Make sure that you have installed the new MyNBA2k22 app on your iPhone.

  1. Use MyCareer Mode to build a new player.
  2. Load into the Park.
  3. Open Menu.
  4. Scroll over to the Neighbourhood tab.
  5. You will see the T-shirt creator option on the left menu.
  6. Tap on it and create a custom T-shirt according to your choice.
  7. Once the custom t-shirt is ready, you can transfer it to the main character.
  8. To do that, go to the Inventory section, pick and put it on to your main player.

That’s it!

That was so tricky, right? Yes, because many people think that it is the bugs and hack on NBA 2k22. If you want to get a free custom t-shirt on NBA 2k22, you should follow the above steps as soon as possible because there are higher chances that the bugs get fixed, and you won’t be able to use this trick anymore. 

I hope you followed the steps carefully and got the finest custom T-shirt on NBA 2k22. Do you know any other hidden and amazing feature on NBA 2k22? Please share with us in the comment box. If you need more help regarding the new NBA 2k22 on iPhone, please share with us in the comment box. 

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