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How to Deregister iMessage

deregister iMessage

Using iMessages has its own perks. The iPhone’s Messages software allows users to send iMessages to other iPhone users through an internet connection. And you don’t even have to pay any extra carrier charger for these messages as it is sent via internet. We can surely say that it is an excellent method of communicating compared to another device’s message services. However, if you decide to switch from iPhone to Android, you may have some issues, particularly if you fail to deregister iMessage from your iPhone.

What should you deregister iMessage?

Many users who have switched from iPhone to Android face the issue of not receiving messages from their iPhone contacts on their new Android phone even when they have the same number. If you are also going through the same situation then this article is for you. This happens because your phone number is still registered with Apple’s iMessage services which causes Apple servers to transmit messages to your Phone Number as iMessages rather than standard SMS text messages. As iMessage is strictly a conversation between two iOS users, your Android device isn’t able to receive any text. 

So, to receive text normally on your Android device, you need to deregister your phone number from Apple’s iMessage service.

What will happen if you deregister iMessage?

If you deregister from Apple’s iMessage service, then you won’t be able to receive any iMessages from other iPhone users. Instead, you will receive messages as normal SMS message. And if you are switching from iPhone to Android, then messages sent by iPhone users to your number will now be delivered as ordinary SMS messages, which your Android phone may receive.

How much time does it take to deregister iMessage?

Your number gets removed from iMessage services after the deregistration process is finished. However, certain Apple products may take a few hours to recognize that your phone number has been disabled. After this time, you’ll start receiving SMS messages instead of iMessages.

Deregister iMessage on your iPhone or computer.

Deregistering from iMessage is a very simple process to follow. You will have 2 ways to deregister iMessage. You can use your iPhone or any PC or laptop. The preferable method is to use your iPhone if you still have it with you after switching to Android. Even if you don’t have your old iPhone around with you, no worries; you can also do it hassle-free online.

How to deregister iMessage on your iPhone:

  1. On your iPhone go to Settings app.
  2. Then go to Messages.
  3. Disable the iMessage option.
  4. Go back to setting’s app main page.
  5. Go to FaceTime.
  6. Disable the FaceTime option.

How to deregister iMessage on your Computer / Laptop:

  1. On your computer or laptop go to Deregister iMessage. (https://selfsolve.apple.com/deregister-imessage/)
  2. Go to this website and locate “No longer have your iPhone.”
  3. Enter your phone number that you want to deregister.
  4. Click on Send code option after entering your phone number.
  5. You will receive a 6- digit conformation code on your phone number.
  6. If you did not receive the code then wait for few minutes and then click on the “Didn’t receive a code?” option.
  7. After entering your 6- digit conformation code, click on Submit option.

That’s it folks! Follow the steps as given above and you will have no complications in deregistering Apple’s iMessages service. If you are having any trouble in doing so kindly let us know in the comment section and we will surely get back to you with a solution.

Until next time,  with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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