How To Connect & Setup Oculus On iPhone [2022]

Devendra Chande

Since Facebook changed its name to Meta to make the future advanced and full of the virtual world, people worldwide are going crazy for metaverse and buying more VR devices. Oculus considers the best Meta VR, with the Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest as the best selling devices.

For the last couple of months, many people are also organizing metaverse events. Hence, the Oculus app on iPhone is the best platform to witness online metaverse events. It allows users to explore thousands of apps in Oculus Store and manage live VR events. Due to the massive user login, the Oculus app started crashing on iOS devices, but the app is currently running fine.

How To Pair Oculus Device To iPhone

  1. Open App Store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Search for Oculus.
  3. Download Oculus app from Meta Platform inc.
  4. Either you can continue with your Facebook account or previous Oculus account.
  5. Accept the welcome terms and tap on Continue as New Oculus User.
  6. Now turn on Bluetooth on your Oculus Device.
  7. Select your Oculus Headset.
  8. Tap on Start.
  9. Next, tap on Continue.
  10. Now press and hold the power button for 2 seconds on the device.
  11. Look for the 5 digit code on the lower right corner and enter it on your iPhone.
  12. Wait for a few seconds to pairing done.
  13. Next, search for the Wifi and connect.
  14. Once the device is connected to Wifi, it will start downloading the later software update.
  15. Make sure that controllers are ready with a battery.
  16. Then, select language.
  17. Now review safety info, clear a safe indoor play area, and set Guardian boundary for safety purposes before starting the game.
  18. Now tap Continue, Acknowledge and Browse Oculus Store to get more titles.

This is how you can connect your Oculus device to your iPhone to enjoy the best VR titles from the Oculus app. Was this guide helpful? Still, need tips to use Oculus via iPhone? Don’t bother to ask via the comment box.

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