How to Clean Junk Files on an iPhone

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Owning an iPhone is always one thing, maintaining it is another. However, with this gadget in your hands, data management should be something you find really interesting. 

If your iPhone shows some signs of being very slow for instance, it could just be one sign that it is getting full. How do you get iPhone storage full? One way is through junk files. removing junk and maintaining a good storage capacity on the iPhone will help you get the best user experience with the device. 

Here, we will show you exactly how to do that. We understand you are currently looking for some of the best ways to clean junk files on an iPhone and a solution to get rid of duplicate photos on iPhone. You will get exactly that, of course with a few bonus tips. 

Whether you are dealing with leftover documents, these are simple steps that you can quickly follow to clean up iPhone storage. Read on to find out more concerning this matter. 

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Where to Get Junk Files on iPhone

Wondering where to get junk files on iPhone? We will show you in a few reads. Never think that your iPhone is clutter-free. This is because junk can easily accumulate even in places you least expect. 

Of course, there are third-party apps that you can easily use to clean junk, you can also do it at your comfort, manually. That will be much easier if you know where to look for them. Below are some of the places where junk files can be found. 

  • Apps cache – many times, apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram etc. accumulate cache files. cache files are generally temporary files that support these apps to run efficiently. While they are very useful data, they can quickly accumulate and cause your memory to jam. They finally become junk. 
  • Storage settings – you may not have realized but so much information about what is eating up your storage space on iPhone can be available in the storage settings. For instance, you will be able to get a breakdown of the apps and file types that are taking up most space on your iPhone. Just go to the settings section and check storage information. 
  • Messages and attachments – messages whether text or WhatsApp chats may seem like too small to clutter your storage space. However, photos and videos can really consume huge storage spaces over time. Check out for these items to find out how many and how large the files are. 
  • Photos and videos – everybody prefers to take photos and videos with their iPhone. These files can be really sizable and will take up very considerable storage spaces. Whether you are pressing the shutter button multiple times or using the highest quality setting for your photos and videos, you will always end up with large files that take up your storage space. 
  • Unused apps – there are of course those apps you download to use just once. While there are others whose use has been discontinued when you got better ones. These apps come with app data which will be consuming your iPhone storage space. Some of the largest apps could be those gaming ones for instance. Check out if you are having such apps that are not adding value to your iPhone. 
  • Downloaded files – maybe you prefer to download files to use them locally. Things such as documents, PDFs, or even video will often lie in your storage unattended. These files are always very important when you need them. However, once you have used them, they are no longer important and will just remain there. 
  • Browser cache – similar to app cache, browsers have cache data that you may have to deal with. While they are stored in your iPhone to improve your browsing experience, they can accumulate over time and become junk. 

Knowing where to look is very important before beginning to look out for junk files. This is similar to planning before making a move.

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How to Clean junk Files on an iPhone

Method 1: Clear Browser Cache

Browser cache can consume a considerable amount of your storage space. You will need to follow just a few steps to clean junk files on iPhone. Clearing Safari browser cache is a simple and very important step to make. This is because Safari stores a lot of data including cookies, browsing history, and website data. 

To remove this kind of junk, follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Go to settings on iPhone

Step 2: Scroll down until you get Safari. Click on it. 

Step 3: Tap on the clear history and web data option

Step 4: Hit the clear history and data option to confirm.

You can however choose not to clear browsing history instead. In this case, you will need to clear cookies only. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Safari settings

Step 2: Go to Advanced and then open Website data

Step 3: Click the Remove All Website Data option

Step 4: Click Remove Now to confirm clean junk files on iPhone.

Method 2: Remove Unnecessary Apps

Step 1: Open settings on iPhone

Step 2: Navigate to the General section

Step 3: Move to iPhone storage

Step 4: Select the apps taking up the most space 

Step 5: Hit the apps you intend to remove and choose Delete App

Step 6: Confirm to delete

Method 3: Delete Junk with Software 

There are several software you can use to clean junk on your iPhone. Below are some of the top three apps to use. 

  • Gemini Photos – Gemini Photos identifies and removes duplicate photos quickly. It also removes blurry photos and screenshots to save you a great deal of iPhone space.
  • Slidebox – this app organizes your iPhone photos. You can swipe up to delete, swipe down to mark, and tap on an album to sort the photos in is user-friendly and can also help you clear cache on iPhone. 
  • Cleaner Pro – this app helps you clean junk with just a few simple taps. You can also eliminate empty entries, merge duplicate photos, and create a well-organized address book. 
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