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How is 2021 Looking for Apple’s Hardware and Software?

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The end of the second decade of the 21st century found Apple struggling to compete with its competitors. Its product sales have gone down with a small exception during Q4 of 2020, its strategy to make its products more affordable does not seem to pay off, and its plan to simplify the software and hardware of its devices seems to be doing more harm than good. Each of the above is taking place while tech giants like Microsoft and Samsung are getting things right, ticking all the right boxes in terms of customer satisfaction. This is not only causing trouble for Apple at the main street, but also at the stock markets, as the company’s stock is being traded at its lowest point since the beginning of 2020.

One of Apple’s worst decisions in 2020, was the release of Big Sur for Mac devices. The new operating system has a nice look-and-feel in terms of cosmetics, and it will not give you any trouble when you are taking care of simple tasks like keeping up to date with the gambling news at casino.com/weekly. However, if your Mac is not very new, then running Big Sur will make things run a little bit slower. This is the last thing Mac users want to experience, and this is the problem they want to avoid when they buy Mac computers instead of Windows computers in the first place. There are of course those who will say that if your hardware cannot keep up with today’s software, then it might be time to consider trading your old device for a newer version.

In an effort to bounce back and to market a product that will be able to overshadow all those laptop and desktop computers running Windows, Apple is releasing new MacBook devices with new design and with serious hardware power. The news of releasing a more modern version of the MacBook computer was well-received by Apple enthusiasts, as it has been years since we last saw an update on the device’s design. The new devices will come in two sizes, they will allow for magnetic charging, and they will no longer have the annoying Touch Bar. The only problem in terms of buying the latest version of MacBook is that consumers will need to wait until September of 2021.

What about the Mobile Phone User Audience?

The competition in the mobile phone market is a lot fiercer than in the market for computers. Even though the 12th edition of iPhones was pretty good, it does not seem like Apple has what it takes to keep up with its Asia-based competitors. Samsung’s Galaxy S21 – and especially the Ultra version – is a device that is a lot stronger than iPhone 12. In a way, it feels like Galaxy S21 is a year ahead of the iPhone in terms of technology and functionality. Apple can, of course, hope that those who have used iPhones in the past will stick to using what they know, but this might not be enough to keep customers coming back. If the Cupertino-based company wants to keep its phone sales high, then they will need to think out of the box and to come up with an iPhone that can give phone users more than just the necessary functionalities of a smartphone.      

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