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GTA 5 free on Epic Games Store: How to download on PC

GTA 5 Free Download

You can now download GTA 5 from Epic Games Store absolutely Free. Yes, you read it correct, you can the premium version of the game for free from Epic Games Store where you get you $1,000,000 bonus cash which can be used in GTA Online. The last date for getting GTA 5 for free will be 21st May 2021. Also, you need an Epic Games Account to download this game for free and there are many more steps which need to be followed to download it and install it on your PC. So, we are here today with a step by step guide which will help you to download and install GTA 5 on your PC from Epic Games Store for Free.

The Epic Games has tied up with game publisher Rockstar Games and it is now providing one of the best games of Rockstar Games GTA 5 for free for everyone. GTA 5 is now available to be downloaded for all the windows devices for free. All you need is an Epic Games Account which should have two-factor authentication enabled. Don’t worry, it can be enabled from your Epic Games account page and help you to do it.

We all know, Rockstar’s game open world adventure is still incredibly popular.

It is so popular that the gamers rushed to Epic games Store to download GTA 5 for free last night due to which the website crashed. Epic acknowledged it last night and now everything again started working properly. Let us see how to download and install GTA 5

How to Download & Install GTA 5 from Epic Games Store for FREE

Step 1:

Open Epic Games Store Registration page and register for an Epic Games Account for free (if you already have an Epic Games Account then you can skip this step and go to step 2). Enter the details like country name, First name, Last Name, Display Name, Email Address, and Password and agree to the company terms and click on Continue. Once you entered all the details and created your account, login to your account. As a part of the procedure enabled 2FA or Two-Factor authentication in the “Password & Security” section.

Step 2:

Now, click on the Get Epic Games button which you can find on the right corner of the website to download Epic game Store. Once you click it, it will start downloading. Once the download is completed, install Epic games on your windows device.

Step 3:

Once Epic Games Software is successfully installed on your system, you will get an option for Log in. Click on the Log In option and Log In using the credentials which you created in Step 1.

Step 4:

Once you are logged in, Click on the Store button which is there on the navigation sidebar on the left side. Now, here you will be able to see all the games which are available on Epic Games Store. You can also click arrows on the side navigation and navigate to the second spot to see the GTA 5 poster. You should now be able to see a large Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition poster with a text “Free to keep Forever”. Click on the Get GTA V Free button. Now you will be redirected to the GTA 5 listing page after a warning page for mature content. Here you will be seeing that the game is available for Free instead of $25.99.

Step 5:

Click on the Get Button to purchase the free game. You will be navigated to the Checkout page where you need to click on the Place Order button  which you can find towards the right bottom corner. Once all the procedure of purchasing is completed you see a Thank You message.

Step 6:

Once you have purchased the game for free, you can go to the Library section and install the game on your windows device. Click on install and follow the installation instructions.

You are Done! You have successfully downloaded and installed GTA 5 on your device for free. The game is quite heavy and requires a good storage space on your device. So make sure before downloading that you have enough space on your system. You also need a decent GPU to enjoy the best experience of the game.

Bottom Line

GTA 5 is freely available on Epic Games Store but you need to remember one thing that this game is free and this free offer is valid till 21st May only. Therefore, make sure you download this game on your device before 21st May. And we also suggest you share this guide with your friends, so that they can also get the game for free and they can also enjoy playing it.

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