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Google Stadia now available on iPhone and iPad

Google Stadia iPhone

Google Stadia has finally announced its arrival for iOS devices. But there is still not a proper Stadia app for Apple devices because it is said to violate App Store terms and conditions. Google Stadia games have been in the market since november 2019 but this is the first time the service is playable on iOS devices. Google has to wait due to Apple’s App Store Game Streaming Services policy, which is why they are using a web app as a workaround rather than delivering functionality to the app itself. That is why both free and paid Stadia service users will have to access Stadia games on Apple’s Safari web browser.

Stadia says you can create a web app shortcut on your home screen to play Stadia games on your iOS device. This is mentioned in the Stadia home page in Safari. It recommends that users tap the share button and then click on the ‘Add to Home Screen’ so that it functions more like a web app not like a browser page, when you open it from the home screen of your iOS device.

Requirements for ios device to play Stadia games

Before you get started you need to check out the requirements to play stadia games on iOS devices.

  • You will need a Stadia account
  • iPhone or iPad with iOS version 14.3 or greater
  • At least one game in your Stadia library.

After you have created an account, you can purchase games in the Stadia store. Or you can sign up for Stadia Pro to claim games for free.

Adding Stadia web app shortcut to home screen

  • First you need to launch the Safari app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Go to www.stadia.com and sign in to your Stadia account
  • A pop-up will appear to let you know that you can play in your browser. Select ‘Got it’.
  • Now, the Stadia home screen will appear in Safari
  • Select the Share icon Share in the safari web browser.
  • On an iPhone this icon will appear at the bottom of your phone’s screen. While on iPad this icon will appear at the top right of your screen.
  • Next a share menu will appear. Select “Add to Home Screen” option which will appear next to a plus(+) sign.
  • Tap on ‘Add’ to complete.
  • Return to the home screen of your device and click on the Stadia web app icon ‘Stadia’ to start playing games.

Google mentioned that the Safari gameplay experience is still in development. Additional features, fixes and performance improvements will be added going forward as it gathers user experience data. The Stadia experience on Android and iOS are similar and the web app supports playing and purchasing games. To access the library of games in addition to games you bought on the platform and to unlock 4K video features, Stadia Pro will cost you $9.99 per month. And it will support all kinds of popular games like Cyberpunk 2077, NBA 2K21, DOOM Eternal, Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and more.

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