How to Fix iOS 17 Contact Poster Not Working When Calling

iOS 17 Contact Poster Not Showing? Learn Quick Fixes! Check Compatibility, Toggle Settings, Restart, or Reset iPhone.

Devendra Chande

The Contact Poster is a fun new feature in iOS 17 that displays a full-screen image or meme when you call someone. However, many users are struggling to use this feature as they are complaining about the iOS 17 contact poster not working when calling. Since the number of users is facing this bothersome issue, here we are going to give you some working solution with detail information.

What is Contact Poster for iOS 17 Calls

The Contact Poster feature lets you set a personalized image, GIF or meme that fills the screen when you call specific people in your contacts list from an iPhone running iOS 17.

To set it up:

  • Go to Contacts, select a contact, edit their details and tap “Add Contact Poster”
  • Pick an image/GIF from your photos or browse collections of posters
  • The image will display full-screen when you call that person
  • You can get creative and set posters with inside jokes, inspirational quotes or really anything meaningful to you and that person.

Contact Posters make calls more fun and personal. But some users find the feature doesn’t reliably work after upgrading to iOS 17.

Why Your Contact Poster May Not Display on iOS 17 Calls

There are a few reasons why a Contact Poster may fail to show up when you attempt to call someone from your iOS 17 device:

Software Bugs

As a new feature, Contact Posters may have sporadic bugs. iOS 17 is still relatively new, so Apple may release fixes in future updates.

Incompatible Devices

The Contact Poster feature requires both the caller and receiver to be on iOS 17. If the person you’re calling has an older iOS version, it won’t work.

Disabled Contact Poster Settings

There’s a toggle to disable Contact Posters in iOS 17 device settings. If accidentally switched off, posters won’t display.

Custom Contact Poster Corrupted

Sometimes the custom poster set for a specific contact can get corrupted or glitched, preventing it from loading properly on calls.

Connectivity Issues

Cellular network problems or weak WiFi can disrupt Contact Posters, as the image needs to download every call.

How to Fix Contact Poster Not Working on iOS 17 Calls

If your Contact Posters are hit-or-miss when making iOS 17 calls, try these troubleshooting tips:

Confirm iOS 17 Compatibility

Check that both your device and your contact’s device are updated to the latest iOS 17 version. Contact Poster relies on iOS 17 features.

Toggle Contact Poster Setting On

Go to Settings > Contacts > Name & Photo Sharing and ensure Contact Posters are enabled.

Restart Your iPhone

A simple restart can clear any temporary glitches that prevent posters from loading.

Delete and Re-Add Contact Poster

Try removing the poster on that contact and selecting a fresh new poster to reset things.

Force Close Phone App

The Phone app can cache data that causes issues. Force closing it makes the app reset.

Check Cellular Data/WiFi Connection

Make sure you have a strong internet connection when placing calls to allow smooth Contact Poster downloading.

Update to Latest iOS Version

Apple periodically rolls out iOS 17 bug fix updates. Always install the latest version.

Send iMessage Before Calling

Some users find sending an iMessage before calling “wakes up” the Contact Poster feature.

Factory Reset iPhone

For persistent issues, a full factory reset erases any corrupted data and offers a clean slate.


Contact Posters not working on iOS 17 call is likely due to a compatibility problem, incorrect settings toggle, or software bugs. We have explained why this problem is occurring and multiple ways to fix the issue.  If the above method worked for you, share your feedback in the comment box.

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