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How To Fix “An error occurred during activation” FaceTime Issue On iPhone

Facetime an error occurred during activation

With the new iOS 15 update, Apple upgraded its FaceTime app with some great features. From sharing screen to FaceTime call in portrait mode, iOS 15 completely changed the way of using FaceTime. But some users are getting “an error occurred during activation” error on FaceTime. 

Don’t worry; you are not alone. Dozens of users are getting this FaceTime activation issue. Along with this issue, many users are also facing FaceTime waiting for activation; FaceTime activation unsuccessful, FaceTime could not sign in please check your network connection, unable to the FaceTime server try again and many errors. Without further ado, let’s check out how to fix this FaceTime activation problem. 

FaceTime “An Error Occurred During Activation”: How To Fix It on iOS 15

Check Time & Date

Sometimes the wrong time zone of iPhone starts showing some errors on iPhone. The same occurs with FaceTime if your device’s time zone is not set correctly. Hence, you need to check the time zone in Settings > General > Date & Time and ensure that it is set according to your region. 

Restart FaceTime and iPhone

If you have a proper internet and Wi-Fi connection and the time zone is set correctly, you can try restarting FaceTime on your iPhone. To restart FaceTime, go to Settings app > FaceTime and turn off the toggle next to FaceTime. Now restart your iPhone, go back to FaceTime settings again and turn the toggle ON next to FaceTime.

Check Your Apple ID

FaceTime also uses your Apple ID to run the app. Therefore, while using FaceTime, you need to make sure that the ID you are using with FaceTime is correct. You can go to the Apple ID page to check and manage your ID.

Check for Update

Even after trying the above methods, if you are still struggling with the same FaceTime problem, then may be something wrong with the current iOS version. Hence, you need to check if the new version of the iOS version is available. 


Well, these above tips can help you to fix the FaceTime activation error. If you know any tips to solve this issue, you can tell us in the comment box.

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