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Facebook’s Best Meme App for iPhone: How to Make Memes on iPhone

Best Meme App for iPhone 2020

Nowadays, when I open my Instagram or Facebook feed, it flooding with a lot of memes. It seems like the trend of memes is growing day-by-day and people have started making meme page to use their skill to present best memes considering current affairs. Taking that it minds, the new meme-making app for iPhone landed to the iOS store.

If you were wondering how to make memes on iPhone to start your own Instagram meme page, then we are glad to tell you that Facebook has just released a new app called Whale for iPhone users. This new meme-making app is now available to download from the Canada App Store as for now. It will soon roll out for other countries.

NPE Team LLC specially develops this new meme maker iPhone app. It stands for New Product Experimentation and is a division of Facebook. This new Whale app will let you create some fantastic meme or videos using their own memes or use some images from your phone. You can also use text, effects, and other tools to build their memes. So simply take a photo, select one from your gallery, or browse stock images and then add text, images, emojis, filters, and “popular effects” to it. Once you are done with the meme, you can directly share it on your favourite social media platform from the app.

Talking about the Whale Premium or Subscription plan, there is not price to download or use any premium feature as the Whale app description says, “No distractions, no hidden subscription pricing.” Here’s what makers say “to help set the appropriate expectations with users that NPE Team apps will change very rapidly and will be shut down if we learn that they’re not useful to people. ” So there is no pricing and no annoying ad in the app.

The makers NPE Team also added the music-focused AUX and Bump, which lets users to speedily start fun, nameless one-on-one chats with people you don’t know. Also, you can share your creation with them as well to explore more. But the sad thing is this iPhone meme maker app is only available in Canada for now. Hope they will release it soon for other countries as thousands of meme makers are waiting to download Whale App on their devices.

If you are living in Canada and started using this app, then please do share your feedback with us in the comment box. If you are not living Canada and have a better option than Whale app, then please do not forget to share with us through the comments as it will help other users as well to explore their meme-making skill on iPhones.

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