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Scarlet on iOS: Can I Download on iOS 16, & iOS 15?


Apple is known for its strict policy about installing application other than the App store, and there are many other applications that are not even on App Store due to its tight security and closed ecosystem. This is where Scarlet comes in. Scarlet is a third party application, which gives its users the access to install apps that are not available on App Store. So many users are looking for the way to download Scarlet iOS IPA.

If you want to get applications that are not available on App store then you can definitely use the help of scarlet app. Scarlet is a really good platform for tweaked and modded application. If you are looking to download scarlet on iOS device then you need to go to its official webpage. You will not be able to download scarlet on iOS through App store. Follow the steps given below if you are looking for a way to download scarlet on your iOS devices.

How to download scarlet on iOS 16 & iOS 15

  1. Open safari app on your iOS device.
  2. Search for Scarlet install on iOS device.
  3. Go to the official webpage of scarlet.
  4. Click on the alpha build option.
  5. Click on install when the pop up shows asking you to confirm your actions.
  6. Go to your home page. You will notice that the app is being installed. Wait till its downloaded.
  7. Now open the settings app.
  8. Click on the general tab.
  9. Tap on VPN and device management option. (If this step forward it does not work then directly skip to step 14.)
  10. You will find an option here of apps from developers iPhone distribution, it might be of any name such as Sichuan University. Click on it.
  11. A new window will open, click on the trust option.
  12. Click on trust again when the pop up shows asking you to confirm your actions.
  13. Open the settings app and click on the general option.
  14. Go to the developers profile.
  15. Click on trust.
  16. Tap on confirm.
  17. You are done!

You will be surprise to know that although it is flooded with so many applications, it is quite organised. You will find is pretty simple to use and you can locate everything on the homepage itself.

Is scarlet free to download and use?

Absolutely yes! Some might have the wrong idea that it is a paid subscription since scarlet is providing its users with so much content and letting them install applications which even Apple did not provide. But you would be glad to know that it is totally free of cost and free to use. No extra charges or no subscription charge is required.

Is scarlet safe to use?

Scarlet is pretty safe to use, if you get rid of the pop ups and advertisements. If you install any app from scarlet then you need to also be careful of all the unwanted attention from the piles of advertisements, even if you accidentally click on one and open it, it would be a great disaster as it may get your iOS device infected with bugs and virus. You also need to make sure that you have installed the official version of scarlet from its own webpage, as there are many imposter sites who claim to have the official version of scarlet.

What are the disadvantages of using scarlet?

One of the most annoying things about scarlet is that it contains too many advertisements on every step we take in that application. Apart from the advertisements there are a lot of popups which are not easy to get rid of. Getting advertisements and pop ups might not make our experience of using this app pleasurable and smooth. You might want to consider using ad blocker to get a normal, advertisement and pop up free experience.

Until next time, with another topic. Till then, Toodles.

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