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Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic stormed the world, people have learned the way to pay digitally. Many online payment methods are introduced all over the world. But around 47% of Americans are using iPhone. Hence, it is sure that they prefer to pay via Apple Pay. In this era of multiple payment methods, many iPhone users are asking whether Walmark accepts Apple Pay. 

Since dozens of restaurants, gas stations, and online stores started accepting Apple Pay payment methods, iOS users are also want to know does Walmark takes Apple Pay or not. 

Does Walmart Take Apple Pay?

No, Walmart does not accept Apple Pay. Hence, you can pay via Apple Pay to Walmart in 2021. As many Apple Pay users demand the Apple Pay payment method for Walmart, we can expect Walmart with the Apple Pay checkout process in 2022 or 2023. But we have not heard any official news from the Walmart authority to bring Apple Pay support for Walmart.

If you still want to pay on Walmart from your iPhone, you can use the Walmart Pay app to support the contactless payment method. To download and install Walmart Pay, you need to visit walmart.com and download the Walmart app for your iPhone.

Once you have installed Walmart app on your iPhone, it will use the QR code to make payments. It also allows you to add debit or credit cards to make payments.

Why does Walmart not accept Apple Pay?

As we know that Apple Pay uses NFC-based technology to make payments, Walmart does not have NFC-based technology to accept Apple Pay payments. It is a QR code-based system. Also, Walmart is promoting its own app to make payments without any additional charges from third-party apps. Walmart also does not support Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

Which stores accept Apple Pay?

If Walmart does not take Apple Pay, don’t worry. There are many online storesrestaurants, and gas stations that accept Apple Pay.

Why would I prefer Apple Pay on Walmart over other payment methods?

Since Apple Pay is considered the most secured payment medium, iOS prefers to use Apple Pay for payment purposes. When you pay via Apple Pay, there is no need for any chip or card reader. IPhone users can use Face ID, Touch ID, or Passcode while paying via Apple Pay to make it even more secure. Apple’s payment method also offers dozens of daily cashback on purchases.

Final Note

With the help of this article, we tried to explain who Walmart avoided Apple’s payment system. What are your thoughts regarding the same? Do you think Walmart should add Apple Pay support in 2022? Please share your feedback in the comment box. Stay tuned for more news and update about Apple products and softwares.

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