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Does Costco Take Apple Pay?

Does Costco Take Apple Pay

As an iPhone user, I prefer to pay via Apple Pay at restaurants, gas stations, shopping stores, and many places where the Apple Pay payment method is accepted. In the last two years, Apple Pay has gained popularity for letting users make contactless payments. Since Apple Pay snowballing, many users are concerned about whether Costco accepts Apple Pay or not.

Costco is well-known for its largest retailer chain in the US. Dozens of people visit the Costco stores. But most users got confused about making payments as they are asking if Costco takes Apple Pay. In this article, we are going to talk about it.

Does Costco Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Costco does take Apple Pay as a payment method at their retailer stores. More than 750 Costco stores are now accepting Apple Pay mobile payments. Along with Apple Pay, Costco also takes Visa cards, ATM cards, credit cards, cash, personal check, business check, traveller’s check, and EBT cards.

Everyone knows that Apple Pay is one of the most secure payment methods. Users can simply use Apple Pay to make payments without revealing any card or personal detail. Users can easily add credit and debit cards to Apple Pay and make payments. 

How To Pay Via Apple Pay At Costco 

Paying via Apple Pay at the Costco stores is pretty easy. Users can straightforwardly ask the cashier to show the NFC reader. After that, the user should bring the iPhone close to the NFC reader and get it done.

How To Check If Costco Store Accept Apple Pay?

Since many stores are still missing NFC reader or Apple Pay, users can also take help from Costco warehouse finder to directly find the nearby Costco store and conform about the Apple Pay payment.

Does Costco Gas Station Accept Apple Pay?

Costco does not take Apple Pay yet. But customers can use visa cards, credit cards, debit cards, and Costco shop cards to set Costco Gas Station payments.

Does Apple Pay accept at Costco clubs or online?

Yes, Costco clubs and Costco online also take the Apple Pay payment method. Users can safely use Apple Pay at these places without any restrictions.

Does Costco food court accept Apple Pay?

Costco food court also accepts the Apple Pay payment method. Users can easily ask the cashier to show the NFC reader, and customers can unlock the iPhone Face ID, passcode, or Touch ID and bring the device close to the NFC reader to pay.

Are you happy to know that Costco accepts Apple Pay? Please share your feedback in the comment box.

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