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Dealing with iPhone cracked screen repair cost & process

Dealing with iPhone cracked screen

The iPhone is an incredible device that sets a classy standard. But what makes it weak is its back glass. It is quite fragile and can accidentally get a crack even when you pay extra attention. You might wonder about the iPhone cracked screen repair cost & process which you could think would be costly. But if you want to maintain the life of your phone, then you must get it done by an expert. The reason why the iPhone glass should be repaired sooner is that a single crack can increase anytime and it can damage other components of the phone.

What you should know about the iPhone screen repair service?

  • The Apple screen repair service is advised to be done by experts who are Apple-trained technicians. They are well versed in using all the precision tools that are only designed for Apple devices.
  • The apple store and the service provider can offer you prompt service. If it is the screen replacement that is needed then you can expect to receive your phone on the same day.
  • If your Phone screen has the scope of repair, then the Apple center would inform you about the same.
  • No matter what option you may have to choose, it is always better to back up your iPhone before it is given for service. For this, you must remember the Apple credentials.
  • Whether your iPhone screen requires repair or replacement would be informed to you only when the expert does the phone assessment.

Discover the support options directly from the experts:

Many people fail to get their iPhone repaired from Apple considering it would be quite pricey. But the support team of Apple or any such expert would make sure the whole servicing of the phone is done least painful for you. If you visit the Apple store, you are likely to get support options in two ways.

  • Carry your phone directly for the repair:

This is the first method for which you first need to set up an appointment and get the phone to the Apple Authorized Service Provider. You can plan for the schedule of such experts to visit at your office or home for finishing the further repair process. However, this type of service is available only in certain locations and there is an additional visiting fee that the user may have to incur.

  • Mail-in repair

The second option is the mail-in repair for which you need to raise a request for the pickup of your phone that needs to be repaired. The Apple support team would then send the box that will have a label with a print on it. You can put your iPhone in the box and ship it to the nearest repair center.

Know more about iPhone cracked screen repair cost

The replacement or the repairing cost of the iPhone screen can vary depending on how serious the problem is and the location where it is being repaired. If the iPhone comes in the warranty period then you will not have to pay any single penny except for the shipping charges. But if your iPhone was covered with AppleCare+ that offers additional protection against the high value then you will have some concession on the overall price.

The prices for the devices that are out of warranty would include only the repairs that Apple makes. If you had opted for the onsite service then visiting charges should also be incurred by you. But if your iPhone was covered with AppleCare+ then this additional fee will not be charged for your device.

Usually, Apple may charge $449 – $799 for repairing the screen if it is broken. Again, this value is only for the back glass which can get accidentally broken and that too for the latest iPhone models 8-11 Pro models. If you are mailing the phone, then you need to even incur an additional $ 6.95 shipping price provided the phone is not covered under warranty or does not have any Apple Care plus plan.

Always remember that Apple does not cover any kind of accidental damages. If your screen gets any kind of manufacturing defect then only you can save money under the Apple warranty.


If your iPhone has a broken screen that needs to be repaired or replaced then get it done sooner otherwise, chances are high that it could affect the internal parts of the iPhone. Besides, carrying a broken screen phone could harm your hand as well. There are chances that you may lose all the data stored in the device during the repair process. That is why it is better to get the backup on your laptop done so you don’t miss anything important.

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