How To Get Clubhouse Invite Code Free On iPhone


Ever since the Clubhouse app started trending worldwide, more than 2 million people have installed it on their iPhone. It is not easy to install the App and start the audio chat. You to be invited to get started using the App on your iOS device. 

As you need to enter the invite code to start accessing the App, many websites and pages offer Clubhouse invite code for $30. But we did in-depth research and found out how to get Clubhouse invite code free on your iPhone and nominate someone.

Yes, you heard it right! With ClubhouseInvites Reddit chain’s help, you can get a free Clubhouse invitation code to use all features of this audio chat app. 

Step To Get Clubhouse Invite Code Free on iOS

Note: In this article, we will use the Clubhouse invite code reddit group chain. 


  1. Open this form and fill up your detail.
  2. Go to the spreadsheet and enter “yes” in front of your username at “online Status” column. Keep doing every 10 minutes.
  3. Open Reddit and upvote this page to connect more people and increase chances of getting a free invite code.
  4. Now go to the spreadsheet again, choose the top 5 online users without the invite and then say Hi to them in private.
  5. Get the phone number of that person with + and country code.
  6. Add the number to your contact list.
  7. Give Clubhouse App to access your contact list.
  8. Tell them to download the App and login. If they get in then select another person and do it again. If they can’t login, go to the next step.
  9. Press envelop sign in the App and invite the user.
  10. Open the spreadsheet again and writer who invited you and whom you invited.
  11. At the end, reply the chat in the Telegram group with ‘I have invited X and Y’ and enjoy the App.

That’s done!                                                   

Once you follow the above procedure perfectly, you will have the free Clubhouse invite code on your iPhone. After listing your name to the spreadsheet, please keep engaged in the Telegram group for every update. Since the list numbers is increasing rapidly, it will take some time to get the invite code, but it better than any other option. 

After using the App for a couple of hours, do not forget to share your first experience with us through the comment box. If you face any other problems, don’t hesitate to ask us by commenting below. 

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