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Ultimate Bondee Sailing Tips for iPhone Users: Unleash the Adventure

Bondee Sailing Tips

Sailing is one of the most exciting features of the virtual world app, Bondee. Along with creating rooms and designing unique avatars, Bondee also offers the Bondee Floating feature, enabling users to sail on boats, explore the sea, and interact with other players. Unfortunately, many users are unaware of this feature, so we’re here to provide some tips for using Bondee sailing tips on both iOS and Android devices.

Previously, we created a guide on how to start sailing with friends on the Bondee app. However, sailing is just the beginning of the many experiences you can have on the vast sea. After logging in and boarding the boat, you can take advantage of these additional tips for enhancing your Bondee sailing experience. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

Best Bondee Sailing Tips

Wave At People

Once you tap the sailing icon with the boat, you’ll set sail on the open sea. You’ll come across other players sailing alongside you, and you can wave to them and even sail in the same direction. Get ready for a thrilling sailing adventure on Bondee!

Change Positions

The Bondee Floating feature allows users to change their position on the boat for a more personalized sailing experience. You can choose to stand in the center or recline at the edge. By changing your position in the Bondee app, you can enjoy the best views of the sea.

Use Your Finger To Navigate

If you’re new to the sailing experience on Bondee, don’t fret. You can easily use your fingers to steer the boat and change your view while afloat. So, jump right in and make the most of your Bondee sailing adventure.

Throw Bottle With Message

As you sail the seas on Bondee, you can also communicate with nearby players or send random messages in a bottle. Simply tap on the sailing bottle icon at the top of the screen, type your message, and hit “Throw A Bottle.” It’s a fun way to share your thoughts with strangers while sailing on Bondee.

Collect and Reply Drift Bottles

As you send messages in a bottle, you may also encounter messages from other players floating in the sea. You can tap on these drift bottles to read and reply to the messages. If you choose not to reply, you can simply toss the bottle back into the sea for other sailors to discover.

Make friends While sailing

Sailing on Bondee presents a great opportunity to meet new people. When you encounter other sailors in the sea, you can wave at them, send a message in a bottle, and ask to be friends. If the other player is interested, they can add you or send a friend request, allowing you to see each other’s rooms and interact further. Make the most of your Bondee sailing experience by connecting with others and expanding your virtual community.

Sail With People

While sailing on the sea, you’ll come across other players sailing alongside you. This gives you the chance to sail in the same direction as others, making the sailing experience more enjoyable. Embrace the social aspect of Bondee and sail alongside fellow sailors on the open seas.

Get Surprise Items

As you sail the seas on Bondee, you may come across floating items in the water. The exciting part is that you can collect these items and use them to enhance your room design or avatar. Make the most of your sailing experience by keeping an eye out for these treasures and adding them to your collection.

Save And Share The Sailing Movement

The Bondee Sailing feature also enables users to capture their best sailing moments by tapping on the photos icon with a red dot. You can choose to save these memories permanently or just for the week, preserving your sailing experiences for the future.

Wrapping Up

Bondee’s sailing feature is an exciting and interactive aspect of the virtual world app. With the ability to wave at other players, send messages in a bottle, change positions on the boat, use your fingers to navigate, collect items, and save and share sailing moments, the sailing experience is a unique and memorable one. Whether you’re new to sailing or an experienced sailor, these tips will help you make the most of your Bondee sailing adventures and expand your virtual community by connecting with other players.

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