Best iPhone 12 Photography Tips and Tricks 2023

By Betty

Since I travel a lot and love to capture nature on my iPhone, my primary reason is to buy the latest iPhone 12 Pro. Apple has done the great job with a Camera upgrade to the newer iPhone to capture high-quality images, better selfies, and the three wide-angle lenses on the back to give the best picture ever compared to the rival Galaxy S20 Plus.

Whether you are new to iPhone or already using the iOS eco-system, here we will help you with some best photography tips for iPhone 12 to click some amazing photos. 

How Can I Take Better Pictures With iPhone 12?

Change The Key Frame 

If you have taken the Live Photo, but you wish to keep in as the normal, then you can make the change as Make Key Photo by selecting the images, tap Edit, slide through the images that make up the live photo to find the best one and then tap on Make Key Photo. 

Go With Grid 

Do you want to try to make a better composition image on the iPhone 12? Yes, Apple’s new 12 devices have the grid option for taking better composition that fits thirds rule. You activate is by heading Settings > Camera and turn the toggle On next to Grid under the Composition section.

Better Burst Actions

If you love to capture some live actions or continuous shooting photos, then iPhone 12’s Burst Mode is there for you to get continuous high-speed mode images. You can simply launch the Burst Mode by tapping on the shutter and then pressing holding down the Shutter button.

Go With Natural Selfies

Suppose you have been struggling with the mirror selfie images on your iOS device. In that case, Apple has the iPhone 12 to capture natural images instead of opposite side mirror photos. Go to the Settings > Camera and toggle on next to Mirror Front Camera. Also, turn off the Lens Correction option in the Settings and Camera section for taking natural images. 

ProRAW With iPhone 12

With the latest iOS 14.3 upgrade, Apple has added the new ProRAW format photos for iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max version. It allows users to take high-quality DNG images to compete with the DSLR camera images. The program image size would be around 25 MB. If you have not enabled this option yet, then you can launch the Settings and go to Camera > Format and active ProRAW option.

Record 24FPS in 4K

Alongside photography, if you also love to record movie like videos, then iPhone 12 also has the option to record video at 24FPS in 4K. To enable this option, go to Settings > Camera > and Record Video; you will see all the recording settings here along with 24FPS in 4k.

Use Preserve Settings 

Most camera geeks do some customization while capturing photos on the iPhone to capture the unique shot. But later, when you relaunch the camera, it will automatically default camera settings. But the Preserve option will help you to keep the last camera settings saved for future clicks. You can enable it simply by heading to Settings > Camera and “Preserve Settings.” You will get some options from Camera mode, Creative Controls, Exposure adjustment, and Live Photo.

Scene Detection

Apple has added the Scene Detection option on the iPhone 12, which can augment your photos with machine vision intelligence. It will use the AI to optimize the details you capture in the scene. You can turn this option Off in the Settings > Camera if you don’t want to use this. 

Use Exposure Compensation Control

If you are struggling with the Exposure settings on your iPhone 12, then iOS 14 also has the new Exposure Compensation Control, which can accurately set the exposure settings in the images you are capturing. This option will use your iPhone’s camera to set the focus, and exposure is automatically left to its own. 

Night Mode

With the iPhone 12 series, Apple has neatly added the Night Mode option for front and back camera to capture some best images in the low light environment. You don’t have to activate the Night Mode option like OnePlus to take pictures at night; your iPhone’s camera will automatically go with the Night Mode settings when the camera detects the low light.

Depth Of Field Portrait 

To make the Portrait Mode better and improved, Apple also created the Depth Of Field effect on the iPhone 12. There are also different Portrait Mode filters like too; studio lighting, natural lighting, stage lighting, and more you can use. Whether you want to use this on front or back, you can use this on both sides as per your choice.

Your Feedback

After using the new iPhone 12 Pro a couple of months, we have come across the above photography tips for iPhone 12, which you can also try with your iPhone 2021. If you have some pro tips for taking the best shots on the iPhone, please do not hesitate to share with other iPhone users and us through the comments. 

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