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Best Apps to Download on your new iPhone in 2018

Best Apps to Download on your new iPhone in 2018
Best Apps to Download on your new iPhone in 2018

2018 is ending soon and most of the websites and offline stores are providing heavy discounts on various tech gadgets. If you have made up your mind to purchase an iPhone, then you might be looking for some wonderful apps on your phone. Here, we will provide you with the list of some of the most useful apps which you can download for your iPhone.

Without further discussion, let’s get started.

Best Apps to Download on your new iPhone in 2018

1. Google Maps

Are you visiting new places every now and then? If yes, then this is the app you need. Although Apple Maps is improved, it doesn’t provide much information. Hence, you should have the best maps app on your iPhone.

Using Google Maps, you can easily find restaurants, hotels, and various other popular places in your city. Also, you can view time to reach a specific destination and more.

Download: Google Maps

2. Overcast

Overcast is the best podcast app on the App Store. It works absolutely well with iOS 12 Siri shortcuts and also you can control the app using your voice.

It provides a wide number of features such as to download podcasts, create playlists, subscribe to podcasts, etc. Also, it allows you to transfer podcasts from iPhone to Apple watch.

Download: Overcast

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3. Pocket

There is too much data on the Internet and often we don’t get time to read the post. Hence, pocket allows you to save the content. Later you can come back and read the content on your best time.

It allows you to add any link, and read or listen to the particular post. Apart from this, it allows you to discover more what you love and highlight articles.

Download: Pocket

4. Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane is the best Password Manager available on App Store. In the internet world, many times we forget our password and waste a lot of time to sign in on the specific website or app.

Dashlane is a great password manager which allows you to store passwords, secure notes, personal info and IDs in your encrypted vault. It allows you to access passwords on any Apple device and you can also lock it using Face ID.

Download: Dashlane Password Manager

5. Google Photos

If you are ready to pay a afford Apple’s iCloud storage, then good. But, if you want a simple, effective and free app which allows you to backup all your photos, then go for Google Photos.

The app allows you to store apps sort photos in Album and refer anytime and anywhere. Also, you can share photos with anyone you want. Lastly, Google’s tagging and sorting features are awesome.

Download: Google Photos


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