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Aptoide is an alternative app store for Android that allows users to manage their own app store. It offers over 1 million apps and has over 200 million users worldwide. Recently, Aptoide announced that it will be launching an iOS version of its app store. This has generated a lot of buzz and speculation around the Aptoide iOS release date.

What is Aptoide?

Aptoide is an open-source, community-driven app store founded in 2011. It allows each user to manage their own store, upload apps, and follow recommendations from the Aptoide community. The key features of Aptoide include:

  • Huge catalog of apps: Over 1 million apps across various categories like social media, productivity, games, etc. Many apps not available on the Google Play Store can be found on Aptoide.
  • Personalized app store: Users can create their own personalized app store on Aptoide with a customized name, logo, and theme.
  • App safety: Aptoide has a robust system to detect malware and ensure app safety before publishing.
  • Developer-friendly: It provides developers an open platform to publish and monetize their Android apps for free.

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Why is an iOS version significant?

The launch of an iOS version of Aptoide could be a game-changer. Currently, the Apple App Store is the only way for iOS users to download apps. Opening up iOS to alternative app stores would provide more choices to users. For Aptoide, an iOS app store would allow it to tap into Apple’s lucrative iOS ecosystem. After the EU regulation goes into effect later in 2024, alternatives to the Apple App Store like Aptoide are important.

Some key implications of an Aptoide iOS release are:

  • Increased reach: Aptoide will gain access to millions of iOS users worldwide. This will significantly boost its user base.
  • More revenue opportunities: iOS users have higher purchasing power than Android users. An iOS store can unlock new revenue streams for Aptoide.
  • Competition for the Apple App Store: An alternative iOS app store by Aptoide would pose direct competition to the Apple App Store and reduce its dominance.

Aptoide iOS Release Date

There is no confirmed release date for Aptoide iOS yet. However, Aptoide’s founder and CEO Paulo Trezentos announced in 2017 that an iOS version was under development. Some reports suggested that it could launch as early as 2018.

In 2022, Aptoide confirmed that the iOS version is still under development but did not provide any tentative timeline for release. It said that “significant technical challenges” need to be overcome to launch Aptoide on iOS. There is a way to install Aptoide on jailbroken iOS devices, but no official method as of now.

However, with the implication of EU regulations in a few months, Apple will allow users to sideload third-party apps. Aptoide would likely try to launch an iOS version. This will allow users to install Aptoide on iPhones.

Based on these updates from Aptoide and Apple, the release of an official iOS app store is likely a few months away. Aptoide has already showcased on its website that Aptoide iOS beta would be available soon for testing before the official release.

What to expect from Aptoide iOS

When launched, Aptoide iOS is expected to have features similar to its Android counterpart. This includes:

  • Personal app stores: Users can create and manage their own iOS app store.
  • Curation: Feature hot apps, new releases, curated collections, etc.
  • Safety: Rigorous testing of apps for malware before publishing.
  • Monetization: Offer paid apps, in-app purchases, and subscriptions. Share revenue with developers.

To attract iOS users, Aptoide would need to build a rich catalog of iOS apps. It remains to be seen if Aptoide can convince iOS developers to publish on its platform.

Overall, the Aptoide iOS release promises to give iOS users an alternative app store with unique features. But its success would depend on Aptoide’s ability to build strong app supply and demand dynamics.

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