Apple’s latest iOS 14.5 beta 2 update


Recently Apple released the second beta for iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. Like the previous beta this version also comes with lots of new updates like new emojis and several features on Music app. In this article we will learn more about the new iOS 14.5 beta 2 changes and features. Here are some of the new beta changes in iOS 14.5-


The second developer beta comes with new actions for the Shortcuts app. There’s a new ‘Take Screenshot’ action that will take a screenshot when executed, along with a new Orientation Lock action which will turn your device in Portrait mode when toggled on. Finally, there’s a new ‘Set Voice and Data Mode’ action in shortcuts app. It can be used for configuring LTE and 5G network connectivity across both your primary and secondary SIM cards. Along with these actions is the Set Wallpaper action — which we can use to dynamically assign wallpaper every time we charge the iPhone.

Changes in Music app

Although iOS 14.5 beta 2 comes with several useful updates and new emoji characters, the Music app benefits the most from overall changes. Other than some interesting changes, the pop up menus replace the sheets that appeared in previous versions of the Music app. This results in faster interaction with Music app features but some might argue that it comes at the expense of visual design. One of the interesting changes in the Music app is the new swipe actions, which allow you to swipe both left or right on a music track to execute specific actions. For example- a right-swipe will show actions to add a song to your Play Next or Play Last queue while a left swipe allows you to manage a track’s presence in your music library.

Here are some of the changes and enhancements of features found in the Music app for iOS 14.5 beta 2:

  • Right swipe- To Play Next/Play Last
  • Left swipe- To Add to Library / Download / Delete
  • Faster and more fluid pop over menus in Music app
  • Updated Red ‘Remove’ button
  • New download button
  • New Play button in tracklist view
  • New downloaded track glyph indicator
  • New Show Album button
  • Default Music player rolled back

One of the highlight features of the initial iOS 14.5 beta was the ability to select a default music app via Siri. Unfortunately we have not been able to replicate such functionality in this latest beta update but that doesn’t mean that the feature won’t be present when Apple releases the final version of iOS 14.5.


As we have said earlier, the 14.5 beta 2 comes with over 200 new emoji. Although there are new individual characters like the burning heart, mending heart and updated syringe(with no blood), individual skin tones for couples with heart emoji and a new design for headphones(which now looks like the AirPods Max).


With this new major beta update for iOS 14.5 Apple is moving at a lightning pace. The beta 2 update is received positively by most of the users and it only increases the excitement for the final update of iOS 14.5 .

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